Suomy Gun Wind road bike helmet for Team Lampre-Merida

Italian brand Suomy has been making a massive range of helmets for all manner of motorsports for years, and starting in February they’ll bring all that experience to all types of pedal-powered disciplines.

The lid above was spotted on Lampre-Merida riders at the Tour Down Under this week and is our first peek at what’s to come. It’s an interesting design, featuring perpendicular top vents with a reinforcing ridge with more traditionally angled vents along the side and rear.

Strap on your thinking cap for more pics and details…

Suomy Gun Wind road bike helmet for Team Lampre-Merida

This model’s called Gun Wind and weighs in at a claimed 230g for the XS/S/M size.

Suomy Gun Wind road bike helmet for Team Lampre-Merida

Suomy had this to say on the team’s website:

“We’re really satisfied with this new cooperation that will give us the opportunity to work for the next two years with Lampre-Merida,” Umberto Monti, president of Suomy Spa, explained. “What makes us so happy is not only the quality of the athletes of the team, but mostly the cooperation we received by the whole staff in order to improve the product.”

“We share the same search of the perfection and the same language, I’m sure this cooperation will works and the results are already on the head of the athletes: the new racing helmet Gun Wind and a Super Chrono, that is very performing in the wind tunnel.”

Suomy Gun Wind road bike helmet for Team Lampre-Merida

They’ve got a dedicated site set up for the bike helmets at, where they’re saying we can expect helmets for road, track, MTB, downhill and commuters.

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  1. The name is probably a bad translation of something like “muzzle blast”. They should probably stick to the Italian version.

  2. The straps are designed to support the rider’s entire body weight in the event that they go over a guardrail and get caught in a cliff-side tree.

  3. I’m guessing they bought that strapping in bulk for their moto helmets…no time to get something new to keep track of in the factories.
    That said, I’m looking forward to seeing the TT helmet, hopefully those thick straps will lay flat

  4. also love my suomy m/c helmet, but being noobies to cyclo-helmets they clearly have alot to learn. massive straps as already noted, associated hardware looks bulky too. and those vents…terrible! love the graphics, though. maybe v3.0 i’ll be ready to take a plunge.

  5. ProCycling December 2014 shows a picture of Robbie Hunter in Barloworld kit wearing a Suomy helmet, circa 2007. Wonder where they were until now.

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