XTR Di2 is just starting to hit shops, and with it, we have the beginning of riders modifying their rides for internal electronic capability. Julian Da Silva from Alex Bicycles in Coral Springs, FL took to putting a few holes in his Jamis Dakota D29 Team.

Julian told us “I wanted to show you guys one of my recent builds since you guys like to see them. This is a 2015 Jamis Dakota D29 Team but modified the frame for internal routing of the Shimano XTR M9050 Di2 system. As usual I try to keep everything clean and hidden, it was challenge with the rear chain stay routing the cable thru it, but managed to succeed. Possibly one of my favorite bikes I’ve built, fast, fun and quite comfortable.”

Check out the before and after pics after the jump…


The beauty of the M9050 group is the brain and display screen are all one, and it uses E-Tube, so the entire system is simple with just a single wire.

Readers-Ride-2 Readers-Ride-3

Before and after photos of the install in the downtube. Using the rubber grommets, and carefully drilling the hole to avoid wrecking the carbon or paint, the finished product almost looks factory.


Note: Bike Rumor, as well as bike manufacturers will not condone drilling holes in your frame. This can be very dangerous and lead to frame failure, as well as void your warranty. Just because you can, doesn’t mean that you should.


  1. Interesting that he didn’t remove the cable guides – after taking a drill to the downtube, it isn’t as though it’d be daunting to bust a couple rivets. Cool setup, though.

  2. Looks nice, but still leaves me with the impression that wireless is the true future of electronic shifting. Can easily imagine a wire getting caught by something and oops… you have lost your shifting + need to replace the cable once you are home.

  3. I would have sooner used the existing rivet holes from the cable guides to make an entry port, then try to find a way around the seat post down the seat stay. That chain stay wire run looks like it is waiting to be torn off on a tree or something.

  4. Frippolini – I had a wireless bike computer and that sucker ate batteries like the Cookie Monster eats cookies. Wireless means more dead batteries, which is much more likely to happen than snagging a wire.

  5. @dockboy. Drilling out the rivets may not be so simple. If you drill out the rivets would the back drop in a closed portion of the frame? (i.e. rattle forever). Agree that the rear exit looks perilous

  6. came hoping for actual modification of function rather than cable routing that could be done with any drivetrain, left disappointed.

  7. Kinda weak that a 2015 carbon hardtail frame wouldn’t already have internal routing, but then again, it is a Jamis. Digging the wheels though!

  8. Agreed Matt, poor BR title choice.

    Di2 Hack implies tweaking programming, buttons, etc.

    This is a frame hack, very little to do with Di2 other than the wire.

  9. This is definitely a clean set-up. I know Calfee still does Di2 retrofits and will remove the external derailleur cable guides, reinforce holes, plus restore paint, if necessary.

  10. Part of the issue with removing pre-existing brazeons with carbon is that it often leaves really unattractive gaps in the finish. Then your only solution is filling the gaps, sanding the filler, then repainting. A lot more work than drilling a few holes.

  11. It may be more work to clean up the frame after pulling those bits, but it’s not as though cost was a real consideration on this bike, what with the DI2 and RS1, etc… If you tried running it in the top tube, I bet there’s no choice but to jump outside then go back into the seat stay. I’d hesitate to drill that last hole more than any others. There was probably room around the bb to keep the cable internal.

  12. I tried the electric bike he built a while ago (featured previously on BR) and it shifted faster and smoother than any regular shifter. I think what he did with the frame was something that most people would never even try. It was done well and looks really clean. I can’t wait to try this new system out! Also I have tried that Jamis and it rides better than any bike I’ve ever ridden, and this is coming from a full suspension. The Jamis is more comfortable, handles incredibly smooth and is precise and responsive.

  13. Nothing wrong with leaving the cable guides. This is a guy who’s going to be on another frame this time next year, and taking off the guides would kill the resale value.

    I also don’t understand people who think all stems have to be slammed.

  14. These “poor bike choice” comments sure are a lot poorer than supposedly the bike itself is. Picture some Specialized or Trek slapped on there and carry on folks….
    A job well done,looks OEM to me.

  15. Mudrock…stems don’t have to be slammed but a steer tube is stronger if its not slammed. You’re better off cutting it “pretty short” and having a stem with an upward angle. I don’t know how an avid rider can ride like this. You can definitely feel the added flex in the head tube area with a stack of spacers. Maybe it would be best to just have a taller head tube. I guess its not as noticeable on a mountain bike where your low pressure tires are mushing around in the corners too but it still makes sense.

  16. Mudrock “Nothing wrong with leaving the cable guides. This is a guy who’s going to be on another frame this time next year, and taking off the guides would kill the resale value.”

    Are you kidding? Resale value? He just drilled holes into his carbon frame, I don’t think resale value is much of a concern any more.

  17. @Mudrock.
    I think anyone worried about resale should simply refrain from DRILLING HOLES in their frame….cable guides or not, I would guess those little holes he made should take at least a grand off the resale value vs. an un-drilled one in similar condition. I hope it was worth it.

  18. Modification/Personalization on a bike is rad regardless of what it is. That is what is missing in the bike industry by-and-large. Sure Special Ed will come out with a Swerks bike that has everything on the market tied up in a package that anyone can buy- but that is boring. This guy’s wheels illustrate that has has passion. I dig it.

  19. Really cool. I cannot wait to play with XTR Di2.

    I really do not think a whopping 15mm of spacers on the steerer is anything to complain about. Also people claiming they can feel the steerer tube on a tapered steerer on a stiff carbon chassis are full of it.

    All in all a really sweet ride. I love Jamis 29er they ride great!

  20. So many haters. What’s wrong with Jamis? If you’re such a good rider that you’d be limited by this bike then you should be getting your bikes for free, and wearing rainbow stripes. And you know what is worse than a few spacers under a stem? Riding a bike that doesn’t fit right because you like how pro a slammed stem looks.I’m pretty sure that’s the mindset that gets you automatically inducted into club douche. His grips are still even with or a little below his seat. You can feel the flex in the front end of a frame with a tapered headtube and an RS-1? Sure…

  21. Luckily my MTN bike was made in a special top secret one off factory in Taiwan where they only use a “special” carbon fiber……love the Jamis haters. My entire bike flexes like crazy when I’m riding my tires at 32PSI. Ride what you like, Ride what fits you.

  22. Julian is running atomikcarbon wheels. Florida designed by a superclyde, taiwan built, thicker rim edges than other designs. I run them too. His shop carries scott pinarello, bmc and felt as well as jamis, so he certainly had options.

    Miami FL

  23. Too funny. I have a Jamis Dakota 2015 that I bought used and was researching upgrading it to XT Di2. Lo and behold, it’s this bike. I don’t mean same model, it’s the same exact bike, wheels, bar, post. But, it has a 60mm Lauf instead of the RS fork.

    Despite the drilled holes, the bike has behaved flawlessly for 2 solid seasons of XC and as a pit bike in cross. Anyway, good to know it was possible to route the e-tubes through there since I’ll be trying to replicate that. Not sure why all the hate on Jamis, but whatever floats your boat.

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