Race Face just teased this new crankset via Instagram, saying it’s coming this year as “another exciting and industry leading RF product!”

Based on the profile, we’re pretty sure they’re based on the fantastic Cinch system that allows swapping between crank arms, chainrings and spindles to create any size and fit you need. The blurb says samples just arrived for testing, which suggests they’re likely metal of some sort since they make their carbon crank arms in house (check our Factory Tour for pics!). That, and the silhouette’s curved transition from spindle to mid-arm looks very much like the Turbine Cinch shape.

We’ve reached out, and all they’d tell us for now is that it’ll launch at Sea Otter in April. More as we get it…


  1. I’m hoping that’s a new road or Cx oriented crank. It’s already modular, so what more is there to change? They could make the Turbine lighter, but I doubt that’s their move. Maybe something crazy like North American production.

  2. Looks like 38T, the one missing from the cinch lineup is the Atlas DH crank, and thats a DH tooth count. I’m guessing that’s what it is.

  3. Holy crap, does that look COMPLETELY different than my NEXT SL cranks!!! Looking at the crank arm on the left side of the photo, go right exactly 6.543mm, you will see that the radius of that curve differs from the NEXT SL crankset at that same point by 0.00053mm.


  4. Hopefully they can ramp up production of there current products enough to ship to retailers in a reasonable time frame before they release more cranks!!!

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