Efneo 3 speed crankset transmission (2)

As you probably know, the Efneo gearbox is not the first company to turn to planetary gearing as a replacement for a front derailleur. Truvativ tried it with their HammerSchmidt, FSA offers it in their Metropolis Patterson Transmission, and other companies like Schlumpf have packed two gears into one for years. So what makes the Efneo crankset unique? Instead of the usual gear with an overdrive function, Efneo has managed to cram three different gear ratios into a compact crankset. Since the project was first announced, and launched on Indiegogo, the gearbox has attracted a lot of attention, but not enough funding to reach its goal.

To get there, Efneo is offering a secret deal that really isn’t much of a secret anymore…

Efneo 3 speed crankset transmission (1)

Efneo 3 speed crankset transmission (3) Efneo 3 speed crankset transmission (1)

If you’re not familiar with the concept, a planetary crank system works by running the chain around a single chain ring. Shifting the gearbox changes the gear ratio internally through a system of planetary gears which are basically exactly as they sound: a bunch of little planet gears rotating around the central “sun” gear. Changes in the planet gears cause the outer ring to spin faster or slower depending on the gearing. The Efneo has three different ratios which are the equivalent of running a 28/40/50t triple crankset with the first gear running 1:1, the second a 30% increase, and the third increases the gearing an additional 25%. The result is a triple without the problems of a typical front derailleur but more importantly an ideal chainline as well as the ability to run a ‘3 speed single speed.’ Other advantages include shifting under full load and shifting while stopped.

Designed to install on any frame with a 68mm BSA bottom bracket shell, the Efneo can be retrofitted to many bikes though the company specifies it’s not for “extreme mountain biking.” The weight for the actual crankset isn’t listed, but they claim it will add 200-300g over a quality aluminum triple drivetrain. Available in 170 and 175mm crank arms, the Efneo will have its own paddle shifter that controls the gearbox with a single shift cable.

Another crowd funded bicycle project, the compelte Efneo gearbox starts out at $230 for the early adopter pack through Indiegogo. The kit includes the crankset, bottom bracket, shifter, and cable which is everything you will need to install it on your bike minus the tools. However, if you select the “Secret Perk” on the backer page you will get your gearbox for just $185. Not a bad deal to try out an entirely new drive system for your bike.



  1. Brian on

    I think it looks cool. What is the frictional loss in it? is it small enough for road racing or xc racing? Could the middle gear be the neutral instead of the lowest?

  2. Dan on

    I’m loving the idea these guys have and might possible buy once it becomes a proven product. I would be using it on my commuter bike and I have a fairly long commute so I cant be stranded.

    I really hope they get their funding.

    Brian – I wouldn’t use something like this on a pure road bike or racing mountain bike. I’m sure it is much heavier than a mid to upper end crank. when they are saying decent alum. crank they are talking entry level shimano style quality.

  3. Yagil on

    I wish them success. The first-gen seems a bit too heavy for me, but if they manage to get it right and cut some weight (say, get to around 1.1 KG – which is around the weight of an SLX triple crankset+BB+front shifter – then I’ll be more than happy to change my current 3X MTB-commuter setup to Enfeo Front and 11-42 rear – and I’ll have both faster and easier gears than any 1/2X.
    Good luck!

  4. Wiktor Migaszewski, Efneo Manufacturing Director on

    Dear Bagato,

    Brompton bikes fold too densly – there is too litle space left for almost anything else than a single chainring. We are going to contact them and discuss making a custom frame for Efneo – I know this is ambitious, but who knows, maybe this will be the next cool Brompton product? Let us have a hope!

  5. Eric Ingram on

    I backed the campaign on Indiegogo two years ago and still have not received an Efneo GTRO 3-speed Internal Crankset. eMail requests to Franciszek Migaszewski go unanswered.

    It begins to looks as though the campaign has been a scam!

  6. Charlie Halberstam on

    Wow, who would have believed that these people were complete con artists that took their contributors crowdfunded cash to produce these gearboxes, making promise after promise of imminent delivery, but never delivered a thing.
    All the backers on the Indiegogo page are still wondering two years later why they’re not getting what they paid for so long ago, despite the many promises. They published updates with photos of all the components ready to go for assembly over a year ago, but the only way to get one is to order from their own personal website selling at $500 and the people that actually paid for this have been left “holding the bag”.
    I cannot in any way believe that this is legal, both Indiegogo and Efneo need to be vigorously sued, perhaps a class action suit will get them satisfaction.

  7. daytriker on

    Please note – Efneo has & still does produce & sell this Internal Crankset. The comments above are unfounded & like all new products coming to market, delays, testing & manufacturing problems take time to solve. In no uncertain terms should the derogatory comments about the credibility of the Efneo company be allowed to stay posted on this site.


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