The Efneo x3 internally geared crankset

Efneo, a Polish company run by a family, is bringing bicycle components to market to make a cyclists life easier. We covered their idea of an internally geared crank two years back, and they are now gearing up to start taking pre-orders for the x3 gearbox crank and the Active silent hub. While an internally geared crank and a silent hub are not new ideas, Efneo hopes to bring them to market for all types of bikes, and with the help of crowdsourcing.

The x3 crank is an internally geared, shiftable crankset that can be installed on any bike. While the idea is not new, as it has been seen in Hammerschmidt, Schlumpf and the Metropolis Patterson, the x3 is the first one to incorporate 3 speeds, not just two. Similar to other systems, the benefits are touted as being able to offer instant gear changes, being able to shift without pedaling and cleaning up the drivetrain so there is less maintenance. Offering a range similar to a 28/40/50 crank is impressive, and it seems to be able to mount without any strange parts or adapters.

Combine it with an internally geared rear hub and you’ve got one classy, simple and clean drivetrain with all the range you could want.


The Active silent hub uses a roller clutch system to allow for silent operation and less than 1 degree engagement. Similar to what Shimano introduced with the LX Silent Clutch hub many years ago, and which has progressed into the drive mechanism for the Shimano Alfine hub line, silent clutches can be very popular among riders who do not want to hear their hubs behind them. Efneo claims a departure from this system with a change of the design that will keep the mechanism from wearing out over time. They plan to offer the hub for all bike types and all common axle lengths. Similar to the crank, Efneo says they will be starting crowdfunding and taking preorders soon.


  1. Drew Diller on

    I’m stoked for this! I inquired as to what BB shell width is needed, or if there are going to be multiple spindle lengths. My pavement bike is currently an FSA Patterson based two speed bike, it’s really reliable and easy, but I want more range.

  2. Drew Diller on

    And holy buckets he’s actually honest about the shifting capability!

    “You can change gears when you are not pedaling. You can change gears under load when upshifting a gear. You have to loosen your leg a bit when downshifting a gear (like in most bicycle gearboxes on the market).”

    I’m impressed… most outfits say you can just shift under any load, which is not true.

  3. David Lewis on

    Keep in mind that most of these systems cannot be used with a lot of existing internally-geared hubs, because the lower gears exceed the input torque/minimum gear ratio specifications of those hubs. Using it to get a higher gear is fine, but using it to get a lower gear is often not possible.

  4. Drew Diller on

    @David Lewis, yep that is accurate. I see these type of cranks mainly as being useful for high durability urban bikes that a mere mortal can jam up a hill on flat pedals, but also not spin out on flat ground.

    Not to mention the compound efficiency loss of running TWO internal gearing systems if you wanted to mate a multi speed planetary gear crank to an internal gear hub…

    I think you should use *one* thing, be it internal gear hub, 1×10 or 1×11 derailleur, or mid transmission. Just my opinion.

  5. kj on

    I would love to have one of those with single cog in back. In fact, I could probably be happy with that for about 90% of my mountain biking. Really cool. I hope it’s affordable. kj.

  6. Ol' Shel' on

    I think their best chance is to get O.E spec. I’m not sure if their target customer is the type to make big drivetrain swaps.

    I tried Hammerschmidt, but the drag and noise drove me back to a 2x. I’m a weakling who can’t afford to lose any of my meager output.

  7. BLMac on

    Looking forward to this.

    Stick it on my singlespeed bike and I have 3 gears and can still use my lightweight wheels.

    I’ve ordered one.


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