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If you haven’t already noticed, there seems to be a lot of buzz around mid fat wheels and tires, especially the new 27.5+ size. We’re already hearing rumors that Sea Otter will really be 650b+ Otter, and to go along with that a few companies are bulking up their tire options. Panaracer already offered their FatBNimble in 29+ and 26×4.0″ fat bike sizes, but the news from Frostbike is the addition of a 27×3.5″ size that is claimed to be impressively light…

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To go along with the 29×3″ FatBNimble, the 27.5×3.5″ version uses the same tread pattern found on all three versions now. While Panaracer’s marketing team stated that the tires don’t measure the full 3.5″ on the Velocity Dually rim they were mounted to, the tires may make up for that in weight. Claimed to be just 780g for the kevlar version, the 27.5″ tire is supposedly the same weight as the 29″ version due to the difference in width.

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Panaracer also pointed out that the tires are not certified tubeless compatible, but they can be mounted tubeless without issue. Available this April, the 27.5×3.5″ tires will sell for $80 for the kevlar and $50 for the steel bead versions. To go along with their 26×4.0″ FatBNimble we were also provided with the rumor that a 4.8″ version should be on the way for Interbike/Eurobike season.



  1. I’m hearing things about 650b+ specific forks, I’m guessing this is a sign that they should be coming: If a vee trax fatty 3.25 only fits DT swiss 29er forks, this is certainly going to be in the same ballpark, not really fitting 29er forks( & certainly not frames.)

    I’ll be kinda sad if the 27.5+ idea becomes something you have to buy a specific frame & fork for: a large part of the allure for me is using it on easily & cheaply obtainable 29er parts.

  2. @groghunter – Almost every bike and platform has tires that won’t fit because they’re too wide, and 27.5+/650b+, or converted 29ers, shouldn’t be faulted for being the same. As for 27.5″ tires, there are 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 2.8, 3.0, 3.25, and 3.5″ widths available, and “b+” isn’t really even a “thing” yet. That’s wonderful. Options. If you want big, buy the biggest tire that will fit, just like on every other bike, and if a 27.5×3.5″ isn’t big enough, that’s not the 650b+ platform’s fault – it’s your fault for not buying a fatbike.

  3. It’s coming in a big way for 2016 MY… 27Plus hardtail w/ suspension fork and full suspension versions. Both with Boost 148 and 3.0 tires w/ 50mm wide rims. I have ridden a fully rigid hard tail 29Plus a few years ago and was shocked on how fun it was. Way faster climbing and downhilling then a fatbike and more fun. Most of the U.S. does not need a fatbike, plus they are too slow. When this comes out w/ hardtail, 27Plus and front shock, it will be insane fun. Sign me up.

  4. Oh the 650b+ forks are good. The frames that are coming are awesome. And this tire is easily the best one I’ve tried yet. I was also on a 29+ bike for almost a full season. B+ is silly fun on dirt or in snow. And as someone who’s squeezed it into a few different bikes (29 and 650b) but riding a dedicated 650b+ frame now, you’ll want the frame and fork. Just cherry that way.

  5. The 650B+ tire is just under 3″ on a 40mm rim from what I’ve read. Anxious to see how it measures on a 50mm rim like the WTB Scraper

  6. @Matt D Your options, to put it bluntly, aren’t.

    normal 650b tires don’t have a tire profile designed around a wide rim, nor do they have the circumference to preserve normal handling on a 29er frame. So we’re left with this tire, which isn’t likely to fit many 29ers, the vee trax fatty, which people who have tested it haven’t been able to fit in most 29er forks(much less in the rear,) & the WTB tires.

    So I have one tire option, that you can’t even buy right now. & every other tire made in the size, so far, is clearly designed around a purpose built frame. Thus my concern.

  7. @Matt D: Not sure where you are seeing all those tire sizes, but no, they are not available. There are plenty of 2.4s, maybe a couple of heavy DH 2.5 tires, one 2.8 (WTB) and one 3.25 (Vee). That’s it. Once all those other sizes are available, it will be easier to find the biggest tire that fits in X frame. But, as Sevo said, a dedicated frame will eventually be the way to go. And this upcoming Panaracer 3.5 is really around 2.8-3.0, nowhere near 3.5″. Also not sure why they are saying the 29+ is already offered, it’s also not out yet!

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