It may not be the new Bluto based on a 34mm Pike chassis you were hoping for, but RockShox has a number of smaller additions that are sure to make a number of riders excited. Starting with the Monarch RT3, RockShox’ popular air shock receives a number of internal improvements to make the ride even better. Meant to give the shock more control, adjustment range, and better traction and lockout feel, RT3s will see a new compression piston, poppet valve, and rebound circuit. Thanks to the new piston, compression forces are lessened at high speeds allowing better control over the oil flow. Rebound is improved as well with an additional shaft port for the beginning of the stroke and a dual taper rebound needle which again increases the oil flow for more adjustment over a wider range. The new poppet valve includes an o-ring and riveted shims which makes a better seal and results in a more positive feeling lockout.

Available in May in all standard Monarch RT3 sizes and air cans, the new RT3 design is just one of a number of new additions…



At first glance we thought this might have been a replacement remote for the Reverb to compete with the recently introduced remote from Novyparts, but it turns out the new OneLoc is a replacement for the PushLoc remote and is designed to integrate cleanly with the Reverb remote and Gripshifts. Available in right/left and above/below mounting options with tall or standard clamps, the OneLoc provides more leverage than the PushLoc and uses separate levers to lock or unlock your suspension fork. Suspension forks will ship with a right/above remote which doubles as the left/below version as well.

SRAM Rockshox remote lockout chart

The OneLoc joins the PopLoc and XLoc remotes to cover the spectrum of RockShox remote lockout products.







Find the Maxle Lite too heavy and bulky for your liking? Make it disappear with the new Maxle Stealth. Offered in 15×100, 15×110, and 15×150 sizes, the standard size comes in at 37g which is nearly half that of the Maxle Lite. Featuring simple installation/removal with a 6mm allen wrench, Maxle Stealths will be available as upgrades for SID, Reba, Revelation, Bluto, and Pike.


Last but certainly not least, the RS-1 is getting a new coat of paint. It’s also dropping in size to include a new option for 27.5″ wheels. Bringing all of the RS-1 technology to the middle weight wheel class, the new version is a dedicated 27.5″ version that includes a 42mm offset and 100 or 120mm travel options. Saving just 20g off the weight of the 29″ version, the 27.5″ inverted fork has identical specs other than the offset numbers.


Both 27.5″ and 29″ versions get a new Gloss White color option with red/black or grey decals. Available in June.


Pricing Rockshox maxle stealth oneloc rs-1 275 650b


  1. Amazing that the RS-1 for is not out of the market yet, it is the worse and more flexy steering i´ve used in my live ever. It’s embarrasingly akward. that new lock outs are fugly, the old pop loc is lighter and just not embarrasing.

    Sram is going downhill in terms of design or it’s just me?

  2. I thought the RS-1 was lazer accurate for steering, Lefty like precision without the crappy spacers to make it work on other brands of frame. But, the RS1 IS a pain in the ass for putting a wheel in, or as Pistolero says, akward. And of course it is heafty and requires a $2k wheelset to get the weight neutral.

  3. Pistolero-if you actually had ridden one you’d know it’s hardly flexy. Roy is right. The thing is rad.

    Endurobob-Maverick’s forks still command a good price for being old and having parts unavailable. Both of their forks were fantastic they just couldn’t compete in the bigger picture of it all. Strong rumors that fork is coming back soon. I had the triple clamp model that I wish I never got rid of

    Armchair Engineers, 0
    People Who Actually Know their Shit, 2

  4. I played with it somewhat and thought the SID was more impressive, especially for someone 200 plus. Yes it’s supple, but I felt some lateral flex on it. One of the reason Maverick forks demand good prices still is that you can use them on fat bikes. And I had both the SC32 and DUC32.
    Sorry, but the the lefty is miles above this offering from RS. Even BikeRadar gave it a poor rating.

  5. We have about 6 bikes in the shop with the RS-1. Show room bikes, and two aftermarket RS-1. This shop has 2500m2 of exposition space, and 6 dedicated mechanics. First time I tested it, I thought the stem was loose, or the whell. It is heavy, it is flexy, it is expensive.

    I start to get sick of brand employees payed to comment on forums. this fork was sh*t on paper, and on the trail.

    I love the lefty, but just the top of the line model, and when it’s new. the cheaper models are heavier and just as unreliable as the expensive one. Overall, I think lefty is crap due to specific hub, expensive price, can’t remove front wheell, etc… but still, i think the lefty is a thousand times better than the RS-1

    The RS-1 is not that is bad, it’s a big piece of crap. My Indy from 1996 was better, lighter and cheaper…

  6. Moving along from the RS-1 Wars, better (less) high speed compression damping is exactly the little tweak the Monarch rear shock needs.

    And the Pike needs a better bottom seal in the damper, which I expect, without a lot of fanfare.

  7. I am a big rider usually 230-240lbs and I can tell you the RS-1 is the stiffest and nicest XC fork I’ve ever ridden. People love to hate on it usually because of the price but it is a great fork. I sprung on it shortly after it was released so I have quite a few miles on it. Not just loving it because I splurged on it. I have been in the sport for over 20 years and have tried almost everything. Also have no ties to Sram. Actually hated their forks until the Pike, RS-1 and Bluto came out (I own all).

  8. I agree on everything Lancelot is saying, I used to hate them too, but this newer stuff from RS is really great. I currently have the RS-1 29″ and a 140 mm Pike RCT3 29″, just great products even if the price is steep. Maybe not the first forks to think about if you want the best price-quality ratio

  9. It is a great shock. If you think it is flexy you must be 300 lbs. At 190lbs I think this is a great xc fork. If you thought this was an Enduro type fork you are using this for the wrong application.

    No I don’t work for Rockshox, I manage a bike shop.

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