Ken block specialized dh 1

There is a lot of cross over between mountain bikes and motorsports. On most weekends you’ll find a number of mountain bikes tuned into motocross, MotoGP, F1, and other forms of racing both 2 wheeled and four. On the same wavelength, when Ken Block drops a new video of smoky tire destruction and precision drifting, it doesn’t take long to spread through the bicycle social media sphere.

While not the first custom bike Specialized has put together for Block, the latest Galaxy S-Works Demo takes advantage of Tony Baumann’s skill in the paint booth. The Specialized employee has been knocking out incredible paint jobs for awhile under the Made Rad By Tony name, and Ken Block’s beauty is no exception…

Ken block specialized dh 5

Ken block specialized dh 4 Ken block specialized dh 6


Ken block specialized dh 2
All photos c. Specialized Facebook and Instagram accounts

The hand airbrushed frame will be hard to miss out on the trails, even if you didn’t know who Ken Block was. For more photos check out the Specialized Facebook and Instagram, as well as #maderadbytony.


  1. He drives very precisely, which involves training of wit and reflexes and spatial awareness. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s quite comfortable on the limit with two wheels as well.

  2. I wonder if his sponsors and management even condone him riding it. Probably just a $10k advertising stint for Spec’s custom service. Monster might have provided the celeb connection hookup.

  3. 1) Doubt it was free. Block has a ton of money from his shoe company and he could afford this without second thought.
    2) I’m sure he rides it. Like a lot of racers he rides bikes. People stupidly assume race car drivers are not athletes. Bad assumption. You try sitting in a F1 car where the temperatures are well over 100 degrees and take a few 4G turns. Also keep in mind a race car isn’t like your BMW M3. There is no power steering and there is no assist on the brakes. Most of the top racers are in extremely good shape.
    3) His celebrity status certainly outweighs his driving ability but his driving ability is still better than all but a handful of pros.

  4. Chris L,
    I am a huge motorsports (and car) fan. Ken Block is a very, very good driver. But among actual professional drivers (those that make a living purely by driving), he is on the very low end. And the best part is, I think he would openly admit that. He knows what he does well, and he sells it very well.

    point 1 – ?
    point 2 – definitely. Anyone that thinks driving an actual race car is easy, would be surprised how sore they are the day after driving an 80cc race kart. Also, all the WRC cars have power steering and brakes, but that doesn’t really make it less of a physical challenge. One of my cars has neither, and it no harder to driver on the track than one with.

  5. That thing is going to look great on the roof of his mustang in his next video, I’m assuming that’s what its for instead of being ridden.

  6. don’t worry guys. This paintjob is just for those images and some media attention. Right after that, the frame is sanded, all paint removed, and next artistic special edition coat is applied. Next “famous-guy-that-would-never-use-that-bike-for-what-is-intended” will be shot with it in some “rad” pose… then recycle again

  7. really? he is terrible driver. If he was such good one then he would be still driving in WRC but doesn’t since he crashed too many times.
    now this? what a joke.

  8. @Peter That may be the single most stupid, ignorant comment I have ever read on this site. Just because he is not the fastest in WRC does not mean he is a terrible driver. Name one other driver who is better at precision and stunt drifting. I really hope you are just being a troll (deleted)

  9. I think I’ve heard of a Galaxy s-something before, it would be wonderful if the owner of that trademark gave someone a taste of their own medicine.

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