2016 Shimano XT 8000 11-speed mountain bike component group details

Announced just prior to Sea Otter, the all-new Shimano XT M8000 group now has official pricing and availability date of August 2015. Wheels and pedals will share the same price whether you want the Race or Trail version, and the shifters will be sold as a set or as a rear-only for 1x setups.

Updated pricing table below, now with only a couple of small gaps left. We have now included UK and EU pricing, with standalone pricing for the cranks without rings and triple chainring complete cranksets. From the way pricing was broken down to us, it looks like those who choose a single ring will purchase the cranks and ring that they want separately. We will continue to add updates here when we get them…

Rear Derailleur $120 £75 € 120
Shifters $150/pr £85/pr €140/pr rear only $75/£45/€73
Front Derailleur $50 £30 € 50
Cranks only £100 € 170 without chainrings
Crankset, double $280 £150 € 260 2×11; 24/34, 26/36, 28/38
Crankset, triple £160 € 280 3×11; 22/30/40
Bottom Bracket $40 £30 € 40
Cassette 11-40 $130 £75 € 120
Cassette 11-42 $140 £80 € 150
Brakes $160 £100 € 160 per wheel (lever, hose, caliper)
Wheels $800 £370 € 540 Race or Trail
Pedals $120 £80 € 110 Trail
1×11 chainring $75 £50 € 80 30, 32, 34



  1. Nate on

    Wish they’d stop making their stuff uglier. I’m sure it will perform wonderfully but aesthetically they’re going the wrong direction. 🙁

  2. davechopoptions on

    Terry – Sram, RaceFace and FSA all run non-104 BCDs too. The reason for the asymmetric spider is to provide extra support for the ring where it’s needed most (more than likely to make the rings stiff enough for Di2 when it arrives). Other brands already make compatible rings for the same spacing on XTR so there will no doubt be more available soon should you wish to run a non-Shimano ring.
    No biggie.

  3. Terry on

    @davechopoptions: If Shimano wanted extra support for chainrings, they should have never gone 4-arm. Ironically, the best BCD ever made was Shimano’s 94/58. 5-arm, plenty stiff. Asym chainrings are pure marketing BS.

  4. Brandon on

    Terry- So what your going run sram’s 76, 96 or 104? Everyone is reinventing the chain ring. Not just Shimano.

  5. Tom on

    So compromise your gear range for the sake of a few bucks??? Seems mad to me, particularly when it all plays so well together. Loving the XXTR1 at the moment.

    And yes I could run a narrower range (and indeed I do on my hardtail, which is still on 11-32 9spd block) but why limit myself on the fs where I could use as much range as possible without fitting a front mech

  6. Eric Hansen on

    I question the explicit need for the range of a 10-42.

    Like gearing a 3-speed, you can set-up a 1x system two ways: Set the easiest gear to allow you to climb your hardest hill, and your hardest gear is what it is, or the other way around. Clearly, most people are going to set their easiest gear to the hardest climb. Unless you’re spinning out your 11t at 120 RPM, you don’t need a 10t.

    Meanwhile, the finer grained nature of a 11-40, or 11-42 11s cassette allows for better matching of cadence to climb conditions.

    My lowest gear on my 1x bike is 32×42 on 180mm cranks with tires measuring out around 2.2″. This works out to a gain of 1.6 on the low end, and a rather steep 5.9 on the top end. Simply switching over to a SRAM 10-42t while keeping the 32t front (as most pre-builts do), would change the top end to a completely pointless off-road gain of 6.5.

  7. Tom on

    Whilst I agree on principle, I run a 34 currently, the bottom end is just low enough, although for a few routes I’d prefer a 28/30 for which the 10 would be essential. A 28/30 ring wouldn’t really be an option without the 10t. Not to mention I regularly find myself in the 10t on descents. This isn’t road cycling, it’s not about ‘spinning out’ it’s about the gear you need to add a little more speed when youre adding a 1/2 crank out of a corner or picking things up a notch.

    However I’ll freely admit I’ve never really ‘got’ narrow range cassettes, I run an 11-36 on my road bike as well!!

  8. Eric Hansen on

    Road bike sports a 12-25, which says something about the terrain around here.

    I have to travel a bit for actual elevation.

  9. Reformed Roadie on

    @Tom…I have XT hubs, so it is not a matter of a few bucks…I have no issues with the 11-36 / 30t ring I am running now. So not really a big deal…

  10. jlg on

    I’m interested by the brake and the crankset of the XT series

    Crankset XT FC-M780 42-32-24 sell at 140€
    Brake set (front&rear) XT BR-M785-B sell at 146€

    Do you think the price will drop more in august ?

    For the crank it can only be will be the M780 because i need the 104 BCD.
    For the brake, i can go for the M785 or the M8000 if the price is under the ZEE BR-M640-B (167€)… but the official US price is $319,98 for now

    What do you think ?

  11. boom on

    I absolutely LOVE Shimano product, but honestly when was the last time their product arrived on schedule? XTR M9000, DA 9000, DADi2 9070, 6800, 5800, 7900 were ALL heavily delayed. Plus, why even announce it now? At best, they are 3 months out of being able to touch it. I just don’t get it…

  12. heath on

    @Eric Hansen – if you live in the high mountains (Colombia) the 10-42 is the only possible way you could run a single ring set up for day to day use

  13. benzo on

    Great pricing: by the time they hit the store you can easily take of 20-30% those numbers! You can now have a single 1142 (if you care) complete (rear derailleur, shifter, cassette) for less than $300!

    Got to Love Shimano!

  14. Scotty on

    Looks like I’ll be doing some upgrading this summer…new 11 speed rear, new rear shifter and the cassette…$335 out the door…not a bad price.

  15. Matt on

    I’ve never had an issue with 2x. But with all the hype I think my next set-up will be a 1x and maybe I will be a convert.

  16. hair on

    front hub q/r – msrp $60
    front hub thru 15mm – msrp $70

    rear hub q/r – msrp $80
    rear hub thru 12mm – msrp $100

  17. Nate on

    @Edge – Didn’t say looks were a priority. But an m980 crank looks nice AND works well. The new XT crankset just doesn’t do it for me. Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy it and ride it, just would be better if it also looked good.

  18. CXisfun on

    I dunno, I actually like the way it looks. And proprietary BCD? Who cares. SRAM did it with their 2x release when XX came out, and again with 1x. So what? How often are you changing chainrings anyway? Seeing as you can still order new 7800 chainrings, it’s not like availability is an issue.

    Whatevs. I’ll get it when it’s available, ride it, and love it. Heck, might even be my first 1x setup.

  19. charliej on

    I’m glad the wear parts, like the teeth of the chainwheels, are not painted like on some of Shimano’s road parts.

  20. P@ on

    Cannot wait for release, but asides from cost,any serious advice on which will be the better according to durability, quality (weight is obvious too), who recommends which groupset (excl brakeset) – Sram X01 or XT M8000 1×11? Straightforward answers appreciated, professional and simple. I am torn between the above 2 groupsets


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