Continuing the tradition of bright blue kicks leading up to the Tour de France, Shimano just unveiled the new Limited Edition SH-R321. Sitting at the top of the road shoe product range, the R321 retains the same design as previous models, but is clad in a new Electric Blue skin. You’ll see colorful new shoes on Shimano sponsored riders this Summer, but if you think you’re fast enough to rock the blue you’ll be able to purchase them in limited numbers starting in June..




Even though the SH-R321B is considered a Limited Edition, the shoes will set you back the same amount of cash as the standard SH-R321 at $380. That price includes a Custom Fit with their Teijin Avail 100 upper which is finer than synthetic leather but lends itself better to the custom fit process. Combined with a Dynalast Sole that is the stiffest Shimano offers, the SH-R321B is definitely a premium level product. With an estimated availability of June 15th, if you want a pair of these blue booties act fast.

SH-R321B key features:

  • Limited Edition Shimano Blue
  • New Surround upper offers a glove-like fit
  • New Custom Fit materials in instep and arch support
  • Adaptable closure for various instep heights and ankle shapes
  • New Teijin AVAIL 100 upper material
  • Offered 38-48 in whole sizes, 40-46 in half sizes
  • E widths available in whole sizes 42-48
  • Weight for a size 40 pair is 489g
  • Available in limited supplies summer 2015
  • $380.00


  1. I REALLY want Shimano to use replaceable heel studs. The heel on these looks like an improvement over the R320, which I blew through in about a year’s use. It’s a shame, too: those 320s were some of the most comfortable shoes I ever rode. I’ve been chasing the same level of comfort with greater durability for a while now.

  2. I’m no weight weenie but why are these so expensive AND heavy? Bonts are way more heat moldable and plenty of their shoes are cheaper than this, and all of them are lighter.

    I know its not all about durability because I’ve gotten over 40,000miles out of a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes that are also quite light…Shimano should take advantage of Pearl engineering

  3. SIDI, SIDI, SIDI. This is the only way to go when it comes to cycling shoes. They are the original, most comfortable, and most durable shoes on the market. Worth the little bit of extra money that you pay for them.

  4. Sidi’s were crap for me; way too narrow and were worst fitting shoe I have used in 20 years. And to think, I was stupid enough to give them a second chance. Same result second time around, with new issue of hot spots from flexy soles. If the Sidi’s do fit, they’re only ‘worth’ it if you get boa closers and carbon soles. The molded infection soles are too flimsy.

    I just picked up my sixth pair of Shimano’s and could not be happier with the R260.

  5. @Dave, saying one brand of shoes is the only way to go is like saying one saddle is right for everyone. Not even close.

  6. I just got R321 Blue.I couldnt be any happie!! Awesome shoes! Purchased them as soon as they were available

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