Zipp Vuka Aero cockpit, above angle shot

Zippity do-dah, Zippity yay- My oh my, what a wonderful day for triathletes and time trial riders! Zipp has just announced the release of the Vuka Aero cockpit, an updated and improved version of the race proven Vuka Stealth.

The new Vuka Aero has been redesigned for further aerodynamic efficiency versus the Stealth model. Some features from other Zipp products carry over into the Vuka Aero, but it also boasts some new ideas and a design of its own.

This integrated cockpit does not include a stem but rather was designed to accommodate different stems for greater compatibility, and so riders can fine tune the fit of their bike without compromising aerodynamics…

Zipp Vuka Aero cockpit, airfoil

Alongside parent company SRAM’s RED cranks and Zipp’s SL Sprint stem, the Vuka Aero is manufactured using SRAM’s Exogram technology for a highly optimized strength to weight ratio. The airfoil is based on the shape of Zipp’s SL-70 aero bar, and it complies with the UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio requirement for time trial racing while remaining as stiff and streamlined as possible.

The removable center cap that sits in front of the stem integrates with the bar’s shape smoothly, and actually increases its stiffness by 5%. The Vuka Aero’s strategically positioned Rapid Routing cable exits make for easy installation of your brake cables.

Zipp Vuka Aero cockpit, side

The Vuka Aero cockpit comes with the base bar, extension clamps, armrest clamps, a selection of risers (including two each of a new 5mm size, plus 10, 25 and 50mm sizes), Vuka armrests and pads. The Aero’s clamp hardware and riser kits were modelled after the Vuka Stealth’s successful design, and Zipp’s new Low-Stack extension clamps work with this bar or the Stealth to bring the armrest stack lower than previously possible by 12mm. The Low-Stack clamps are sold separately, and carbon extensions are an option.

Using Zipp’s Vuka Fit software riders can apply their fit coordinates to the new bar for a precise, simplified set up. The software is available from the Apple App Store or at

Zipp Vuka Aero cockpit, rear

The handlebar has a 31.8mm diameter and stem clamp width of 54mm. The bar measures 40cm center to center, and weighs 700g including the optional 22.2mm carbon extensions. All hardware is steel, and as Zipp prefers to use Torx heads a T25 wrench is included. The new Vuka Aero cockpit is available now at an MSRP of $722 USD, or $850 with carbon extensions.


  1. The claim that it “adds stiffness” will make it UCI legal. Basically, its like the HED Disc wheels. They say it adds stiffness, and it may add a tiny bit but really, its a way to get around the rules

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