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Every time there is a new version of a GoPro or action camera you can usually count on another quantum leap in technology. Compared to the original GoPro, the latest tech makes that first camera look like a toy you would get from a department store. But in spite of the hardware capable of putting out professional level cinematography, most of your average users are asking for something else. Namely, a camera that is smaller and easier to use.

If features like smaller, lighter, and easier to use are more important to you than things like 4K and having the most megapixels, you’ll want to check out the Session next…

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Checking in a half the size of other GoPro’s and nearly half the weight, the square profile of the Session 4 opens up some interesting possibilities for mounting. Able to be rotated within the mounting frame, one of the features we’re most happy to see is Auto Image Rotation which will make it so you no longer have to search the menu for the UpD setting, or edit the footage afterwards if you run the Session upside down. Using either the new Low Profile frame mount, the standard frame mount, or the new Ball Joint buckle, the Session should be easier to adjust the angle of the shot mid run for more variety.

Waterproof without an additional housing, the Session will handle up to  33′ (10m) of submersion and has its own floaty sold separately to keep it from sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Because there is no screen and only a single button, out of the box the Session will capture 1080p30 video and 8MP time lapse photos at 0.5 second intervals. If you want to change those settings you will need to use the Smart Remote which is sold separately, or the free GoPro App which connects to the camera with built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

A built in battery is good for a claimed maximum of 2 hours of filming depending on the film settings and Wi-Fi settings. At minimum GoPro claims the battery is good for 1.5 hrs. Capable of filming up to 1440p at 30 fps, the camera is capable of stills at a maximum 8mp in wide format. Other familiar camera features include auto low light, ProTune, HiLight video tagging, and dual microphones (one front, one rear) for improved audio.

Compatible with mounts for just about any sport, the Hero4 Session is available for $399.99 in standard or surf configurations. The standard kit includes everything below:

  • HERO4 Session Camera
  • Standard Frame
  • Low-Profile Frame
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Ball Joint Mounting Buckle
  • Mounting Buckles + Hardware
  • Micro USB Cable

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For complete camera specs check out


  1. J on

    The size is a little better. I always loved the round designs of other camera simply for the aesthetics. My action camera is about 4 years old and these new models and featured units are pumping out faster than babies after a Russian winter. I may buy another.

  2. Mike on

    Great – love smaller. My own preference is larger with more features, i.e. Garmin Verb Elite with stat overlays etc. I get 3 hrs battery life out of the Verb and much more out of my rear facing Fly6. Would consider this (GoPro above) as a second camera for skiing etc. if it was $250 or had superior battery life at the higher price (At least 3 hrs).

  3. Le Piou on

    Nice toy… but only 2hrs?

    The GoPro Hero3 video is really the best, they haven’t be able to do any other ad that good so far…

  4. Cathy on


    Yes , I totally agree with you on Verb Elite, overylays is a must nowadays for training rides.
    As for the Fly6 , not much because I’ve my favorite rear light ( See Sense ) and how do they expect me to put extra rear light just because of camera. I might consider Hero4 session for my rear camera unless fly6 updated their firmware in such a way that that I can disable the light.

  5. Ascar Larkinyar on

    the fly12 blows this gopro camera away with record time. 10 hours. that’s my buying point. short battery time is not acceptable any more. 1080p and 60fps also.

  6. Bontragermin on


    Latest Garmin rear light is fully customizable.
    I’m sure they will be adding tiny rear camera in no time…and with that you’ll be able to customize both camera and rear light.

    @Ascar Larkinyar
    We would like to see camera only Fly12 or option to switch off the light ( configure via USB or even switch ). Let say Fly12 Version 2.0. How about that ?

  7. Alex on


    The Fly12 has “up to 10 hours of battery life (in camera only mode).” So I think you’re good to go.

  8. Bontragermin on

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the info. We didn’t know that Fly12 can be used as camera only mode.
    I’m getting one for sure.

  9. Tiff on

    @ Alex

    I just need a 4-5 hrs of recording. I too didn’t know that “camera only mode” is possible.

    I guess Fly12 team need more video on Youtube channel about their product.

    Pls do the follow up on this Fly12 team!


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