The top German carbon wheel experts at Lightweight have just announced a new 60mm front wheel to slot into their existing Fernweg wheel line at a popular triathlon race this weekend in Roth. The new wheel offers a bit more flexibility by giving increased stability in cross winds. And it does it at even a lighter weight than its 79.5mm deep partner. Roll on past the break for some quick details, a few more pics, pricing, and availability….

Lightweight_Fernweg_new-v60_carbon-tubular-front-wheel_3-4 Lightweight_Fernweg_new-v60_carbon-tubular-front-wheel_side Lightweight_Fernweg_existing-v80_carbon-tubular-front-wheel_side
(Just for a comparison, here is the new 60mm version next vs. the carry-over 80mm) 

Available with either a tubular or clincher rim, the new profile aims to carry over the exceptional balance of light weight, stiffness, and aero benefit of the ongoing Fernweg series. The wheel uses Lightweight’s typical stiff sandwich construction, built around a foam core, and molded in place carbon spokes. The tubular version is just 625g, pairing together the V60 front and V80 rear the complete tubular wheelset weighs just 1,420. The clincher rim comes in just 85g heavier (per wheel.)

Pricing is to be on par with the current Fernweg, so that will be ~2385€ for the tubular front wheel or 2425€ for the clincher front wheel. Full production of the 60mm front wheels gets underway next week, so they’ll be available to consumers almost immediately.


  1. von.kruiser on

    Not about hidden nipples in rim. Understand it’s strong but not convenient enough for a shop versus time.

  2. Tyler on

    von.kruiser – “The wheel uses Lightweight’s typical stiff sandwich construction, built around a foam core, and MOLDED IN PLACE CARBON SPOKES.” Dont think there are any nipples in the equation.

  3. Ryan S on

    @Veganpotter – These are 60mm depth aero wheels, not climbing wheels! There aren’t any prebuikt wheelset with that depth/weight from any other competitor. These are very light for 60mm depth.

  4. Loki on

    @ veganpotter et al What makes the lightweight moniker valid is that they are light AND stiff (and not in a rattle your teeth way). The sense of acceleration is phenomenal, the same kind of feeling one gets switching from a lug-and-tube carbon frame to a oversized BB carbon frame. One can make lighter wheels (remember the Reynolds KOM’s?) but at the cost of stability.

    I’d love a set, but as amazing as they are I just couldn’t justify spending that much on wheels. ( No argument that they cost that much to manufacture)

  5. Ronin on

    These wheels don’t seem that desirable. They aren’t crazy expensive, perhaps they are aimed at a 10%-er rather than a 1%-er. Or perhaps it’s just ’cause when I’m out it always seems to be windy. Anything over 35mm is a chore.

  6. pyf on

    Any width information at bottom and top of brake tracks available ? All other Lightweight wheels are 19mm which with the 23 to 25mm tires kill any aero benefit from an otherwise nice wheel…


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