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Everything old is new again. PressFit frames still offer some benefits like allowing for wider chainstays and more tire clearance, but as we’ve learned along the way not all frames are created equal. A fault of sloppy tolerances at least according to some frame manufacturers, certain frames develop a creak that just won’t go away. At least, not without something new in the BB shell.

In order to offer a solution that was more durable than the plastic cups and had a way of staying tight in the frame, bottom bracket manufacturers like Wheels Manufacturing have started offering BBs with durable aluminum bodies which thread together in the center. Perfect for PF frames old and new, Wheels Manufacturing is offering a special deal to Bikerumor readers this weekend that’s worth $50 off any Premium Zero Ceramic bottom bracket so you can try one for yourself…

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (2)

 Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (4)

Machined in the USA with an aluminum threaded two piece shell, Wheels offers threaded PF bottom brackets for PF30 Outboard, BB30 Outboard, BB86/92 (above), and Cervelo BBright. Outside of the threaded PF BBs, Wheels covers the complete bottom bracket spectrum with BB30, Specialized OSBB, BSA Threaded, FSA 386 Evo, Trek BB90/95, Cannondale BB30a, and even Eccentric BB adapters. That’s a lot of bottom brackets in a lot of options, but Wheels makes it pretty easy to figure out the exact model you need with onsite customer support.

Specific to the deal for Bikerumor, Wheels Manufacturing is featuring their premium Zero Ceramic Hybrid bearings which uses USA made ceramic balls and steel races. Using grade 3, Silicon Nitride ball bearings with black oxide coated steel races, the production process includes grinding the races to a perfect finish and a cryogenic treatment to ensure long term race durability. Rated overall at ABEC-5, the bearings use a dual lip Silicone seal and Rheolube synthetic grease. In layman’s terms, they spin incredibly freely and are durable enough to include a 1 year warranty.

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (5)

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (6)

Wheels Manufacturing sent us the PF86/92 Zero Ceramic to use on an upcoming build on a frame with a PF92 bottom bracket. The same bottom bracket covers both sizes and includes all of the necessary spacers, shims, seals, and wave washer to install it on either frame standard. Available in either Shimano compatible 24mm or SRAM compatible with 22/24mm bores, the SRAM compatible BB above comes in at 96g. Wheels Manufacturing also offers the same bottom brackets only with Angular Contact bearings for $99, though they are not included in the current deal.

Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench bsa30 bb tool ti hammer chainwhip stand campy crank puller (11)

Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench bsa30 bb tool ti hammer chainwhip stand campy crank puller (12) Abbey Bike Tools pedal wrench bsa30 bb tool ti hammer chainwhip stand campy crank puller (14)

The one thing to consider if you plan on purchasing the Outboard threaded PF bottom brackets specifically, is that you will most likely need a new bottom bracket tool to install it. Using the same notch size as the FSA MegaEvo BBs, the Wheels Manufacturing BB is 48.5mm in diameter with 16 notches (note that there are multiple 16 notch bottom bracket sizes with different diameters) . For my money, your best bet would be something like the Abbey Bike Tools BSA 30 BB Socket. At $60 it’s a bit more expensive than single tools for the large 16 notch BBs, but you’re also getting a 12 notch tool on the other side for Race Face, Rotor, Praxis and Zipp bottom brackets. You’ll probably need it at some point, so might as well get them both in one go.

Wheels Manufacturing Bottom Brackets PF86 PF92 thread in Bikerumor coupon deal (3)

If you’re interested, you have until Sunday at Midnight (the 12th) to head over to wheelsmfg.com and purchase one of the Premium Zero Ceramic Hybrid Bottom Brackets for $125. The coupon code ‘FASTERBB’ is worth $50 off the standard price of $175. Valid on any Premium Zero Ceramic Hybrid Bottom Bracket in their catalog, and limit 1 BB per order.


  1. I just got a BB30 to shimano adapter from them and works great! Highly recommend with the angular contact bearings

    My Fuji transonic came with a praxis to gxp adapter that had fused to itself requiring me to file through the threads, using pb blaster, and after than hammer on a foot long wrench to get lose. This was on a day old bicycle. When I contacted praxis their response was “This is a 1 in a million issue, we’ve only had issues with 1 other. Our BB’s are used at the tour de france and we can sell you another.” No thanks praxis! I highly recommend anyone looking for an adapter to take my experience with praxis and purchase accordingly.

    • I agree. My 2016 Fuji Transonic suffers the same fate. It started with clicking noises which eventually turned to grinding noises when I start sprinting. It’s been in and out of the shop for regreasing, refitting, and now replacing the entire BB assembly (including the Praxis adapter). I love the frame itself but hate the PF30 design. It’s frustrating, really..

  2. Iperov…I agree that threaded bottom brackets work well. But for the future, all nicer bikes will be press-fit. If you already own an old threaded bike, great but if you want to buy ANY new decent bike(mid-range and better and even some low end stuff), it’ll probably be press-fit.

    Christo…my bet is that Wheels Manufacturing has also had a couple of failed BBs. That’s the reality of manufacturing ANYTHING. I’ve seen plenty of bad BBs from pretty much everyone but Shimano(I don’t like their BBs though because they’re high friction). Work at a shop long enough, all the brands meld together and you simply think that BBs in general are a pain if they’re press-fit and some threaded BBs also suck.

  3. This seems like a terrible idea.. It looks like at least one side of the threaded shells would have to spin in the frame in order to thread this together. Other similar PF+threaded bottom bracket use a floating sleeve that rotates in order to screw everything together and has no rotation required directly against the cup seats in the frame.

  4. Ha, OK Colin. How many bike companies mid-range and top end bikes are still threaded? Bianchi does some and so does Pinarello. That’s about it, the rest are far smaller companies.

    This isn’t future talk, its pretty much already hear unless you buy a custom bike, a Bianchi or a Pinarello. Trek, Giant, Specialized, Merida, Cannondale, Fuji…the guys with the numbers are already using PF BBs…even on many of their aluminum bikes

  5. I just use those $10 reducer cones in my BB30 bearings to fit my Shimano crank. Creak free for 1500 miles now. The deal is, if your shell is made out of tolerance, there’s very little you can do about it. BB30 bearing seats need to be made to a +-0.02mm tolerance. Your shop calipers can’t even measure down to that resolution. Unfortunately for the customer, there’s no telling if you’re going to get a good frame until after the fact. The solution for creaking is for manufacturers to bite the bullet and spring for better manufacturing processes.

  6. @Dave, which models use the floating sleeve design you mention? Also, I am having trouble visualizing how that works. If the sleeve sits inside the BB shell and the cups thread into it, how do you reach the sleeve to rotate it without spinning the cups?

  7. I see it’s kinda similar to what Praxis Works has for BB30. I’ve been riding that for a year and more than happy with it, top notch!

  8. The Wheels MFG PF30 Outboard w/Angular Bearings for 24mm cranks that I’ve been running for the past year has been great. Easy to install and no creaks. Also easy to remove without any hassles if you have to get inside the frame for any internal cable/Di2 maintenance. No hammering bearings/cups out as well. Spins smooth and I’ve basically been able to set and forget, which is what is the hallmark of a great product. Plus made in USA for those that value such things. Two thumbs up.

  9. @ TheKaiser: Hope for instance. Great design, precisely manufactured. We use it all the time and never had any more problems with loose or creaking Press-Fit bbs.

  10. Press Fit is a face palm for consumers on the overall. If we had the option from the factory to have them weld in threaded cups into the PF30 shell (assuming they need the large shell for whatever frame design they have) I think a lot of people would take it. It’s not that they don’t work, we know that they do, it’s just not worth the hassle to be the experiment for the manufacturers to find out what tolerances they need to achieve.

  11. Press Fit = Stupid. Anyone that thinks this is a good option must know absolutely nothing about bikes. If press fit was so good, why are there so may options to replace it? Funny thing is all the replacements are threaded.

  12. I have tried various solutions to get rid of creaking on a couple of bikes with pressfit BBs with the same results everyone is reporting. To date the best solution has been a cheap Tripeak PF30 to BSA adapter. Press fit it, and thread in your preferred BB. !0,000+ miles and counting without a creak.

  13. Pressfit is stupid. Unfortunately, that’s the future(which has already been here for a couple years) and I hope things get better. I don’t see manufacturers reverting to old/proven technology. They want their low/advertised frame weights and want you to not pay attention to the fact that you’ll likely throw a chunk of alloy in there to bring the weight back up…maybe not as heavy as a normal/threaded bb frame but somewhere in the middle.

    That said, its not like threaded BBs never creak either. Personally, I say we go with brash bushings, accept the friction and move on

  14. @Tim – never. The option for a wider/larger diameter BB interface for the various tubes attaching to it is too great a draw. What you need is tolerances to be more strictly adhered to.

    If you want a great example of why the larger shell is desirable, go check out the difference between an Allez Smartweld frame (found on Comp and up) and the Allez E5 frame (Elite and below). On the E5, the tubes just have to be mitered and sort of smashed into shape, then boogered on with lots of weld material.

    You might as well ask “When are all the world’s manufacturers going to go back to making skinny tubed noodley frames so Tim will possibly entertain the idea of buying one?”

  15. They are willing to offer a year long guarantee?
    Shimano guarantees durace for three.
    My old 7400 durace went for 20 years.

    Most press fit bb problems are self induced fitting problems.
    I have never had a pressfit bb that i have fitted creak yet. Nor have any of my bikes creaked from the factory.
    The only bb problem i have had was a tiagra threaded that started creaking after a long wet ride. It was toast from poor sealing anyways so the creaking was more than likely the bearings not the interface.

    Apart from a certain brand of cranks that cervelo likes to spec, there is no real problem with any press fit bb.

  16. You’ve got to believe that PF BB30ABCDEFG simply SUCKS!. There are huge number of people who are fed-up with the creak ( come from PF BB area ) and I’m one of them.

    Of course , if you’re bike mechanic or bike shop owner , you’ll want your clients to use PF BB30.You can make handsome hard cold cash from your customers come to your shop for PF BB related issues.

  17. I find that that if I don’t press very hard on my pedals, the bottom bracket never creaks. That’s why I go so slowly… as a courtesy to those around me!

  18. @mjw12867 “If press fit was so good, why are there so may options to replace it?”

    I guess it depends what is meant by “press fit”. The point of press fit is really un-threaded frame shell with no or minimal room for external parts between the frame and the cranks, allowing the frame to be as wide as possible.

    There have been no options to replace that, only to improve on it, specifically to improve on how to get the bearings into it. So yes, I suppose there was room for improvement. Still why not save a few bucks and just use loctite?

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