2016 Specialized with Ohlins Air Shock


While we were busy drooling over the new Specialized Camber, the German version of the Specialized website was quietly updated with the latest 2016 models.

Buried amongst dozens of product pages was a new shock from Ohlins, which will be available on the new Enduro. 

Brad Benedict Instagram bike

According to the website (translated from German by Google Chrome):

The custom Öhlins oil air damper with 165mm suspension travel is easily tune to your needs High and Low speed compression and low-speed rebound damping; the special reservoir allows optimized oil flow under high stresses, which keeps control and damping at a high level.”

The German website has since taken the listing down, but you can still catch a glimpse of the shock in plain view on Brad Benedict’s Instagram Feed. More when we have it.



  1. obviously spesh wants to have in-house suspension. branding it Specialized didn’t work out last time around. This time they can just slap a fancy suspension companies name on it, and still have in house stuff. Clever marketing for those guys.

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