Young German builder Velocipedo has some new bikes that really jump out at us with some subtle but amazing ti frame detailing and not to be missed paint schemes on their carbon bikes. It seems that Velocipedo has been set up with a goal of delivering “attainably-priced” limited edition bikes with an exceptional level of finishing detail, so that customers could be sure to ride away with a unique bike. Most of their standard bikes come in a numbered series of either 15 or 25 pieces before the entire finish and model line will be reworked. And that doesn’t even count the option to fully customize like this CrossingOVER model for a completely one-of-a-kind bike.

Read on past the break to see a couple of Velocipedo’s Unique Cycle line, one of the standard Collection line, but more so just to peep some of the details…


From another side than the intricate ti polishing, Velocipedo creates one-off bikes in a Cycle Art sereis with their carbon framesets. Based on what appears to be an open mold carbon frame, this bike becomes unique with hand painting by german artist Wasja Götze.

BFS15_Velocipedo_Cycle-Art_artist-Wasja-Gotze_handpainted_carbon_road_frameset_headtube-detail BFS15_Velocipedo_Cycle-Art_artist-Wasja-Gotze_handpainted_carbon_road_frameset

While the frame may not be anything revolutionary, the detail is impressive and this complete bike built up with Campy Record and Mavic Carbone clinchers still comes in at 6.4kg in its one-of-a-kind 56cm size. Plus, you do get the service of a German company.


The titanium bikes are more subtle, but also get excellent attention to detail, this time through some of the most fine masking and alternately polished and media blasted tubing we’ve seen. The ti frames also offer up more design input from Velocipedo who has them made especially for them.

The standard Collection line of bikes come in 3 stock sizes S, M, L (55, 57, 59cm seattubes), such as this GenTIeman to cover the bulk of most riders’ sizing needs, with custom geometry always an option. The stock bikes are still limited editions with a max of 25 bikes per series, but can be delivered in reasonably quick 2 weeks time.

BFS15_Velocipedo_GenTIemen_titanium_road_frame_seattube_finish-details BFS15_Velocipedo_GenTIemen_titanium_road_frame_downtube_finish-details

The GenTIeman sits in the endurance road segment, benefiting from the well known smooth ride and durability of titanium.

Collection bikes focus on road applications; they include a ti townie, a ti tourer, this ti endurance road bike, as well and a standard carbon road and a disc-brake road bike. Pricing for all of the Collection bikes is pretty much the same across the board at 3000€ for either titanium or carbon frames, plus fork, stem, and seatpost (all with a unique detailed finish), and also including the headset and seatpost clamp to hold it all together.


Once you get into the Unique Cycles line the options open up, although the focus is still primarily road. This bike called CrossingOVER starts to get a bit dirty, as a full-custom cyclocross bike meant to show their range of capabilities. At the custom side, Velocipedo is ready to work with individual customers to develop a design of the finish to meet the riders desire. Again their work with small masking details make the graphic possibilities almost limitless.

BFS15_Velocipedo_Crossing-Over_titanium_cyclocross_frame_seattube_finish-details BFS15_Velocipedo_Crossing-Over_titanium_cyclocross_frame_toptube_downtube_finish-details

The full custom Unique Cycles line has design-to-delivery times of up to 6 months depending on the complexity of the customer’s needs and wishes. But with that time comes a truly one of a kind bike befitting the unique label.


  1. 888 on

    @Champs it’s an old Spanish word for bicycle… Don’t know what you’re getting at. The “pedo” part? Grow up.

  2. Chris on

    @Champs, I understand what your on about, the letter S wore off the label on my swimming trucks preventing me wearing them at the local public swimming pool.

  3. shafty on

    Noticed the name immediately. Part of me says English customers would love that name.

    The finishes are fantastic, even though the hand painted carbon isn’t really my thing.

  4. Loki on

    @champs – really? considering the number of Spanish speaking people in North America that’s your immediate reference? Do you giggle when you see bottles labeled shampoo in the supermarket?

  5. Andy on

    I’m loving it that people aren’t getting the reference or even googling it. But then again I love private jokes.

  6. shedfire on

    Brand and product names are a hilarious car-crash event and someone will always find some hilarious way to pull a brand name apart. See “Crack N Fail” or “LOTUS” (Lots of trouble unless stationary) or whatever…

    I deliberately called a bike “il pompino” which then caused the sort of reverse problem. Don’t google it at work.

    Product looks great. Bravo guys.

  7. VELOCiPEDO. on

    Hey Guys, the brand name “VELOCiPEDO.” comes from the oldest name of a bike – Velocipede. Two latin words “velox” and “pedes” build this and stay for “fast” and “foots”.
    In the european art language “Esperanto” means “Velocipedo” exactly “bicycle”.
    Best regards
    Matthias from VELOCiPEDO.!


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