To accommodate inflation aficionados that go both ways, SILCA has expanded their floor pump offerings to include the SuperPista Ultimate PLUS pump. Packaged with both low and high pressure laboratory grade gauges accurate to +/-1% pressure (rather than the +/-5% accuracy of standard industrial gauges), riders can now dial in cross or road inflation depending on the season. Kicking yourself because you have already invested in a non-PLUS SuperPista Ultimate? SILCA has also introduced low and high pressure gauge kits to give you the best inflation accuracy per the season with your existing SuperPista Ultimate. Allow SILCA to pump you up after the jump.


Recognizing a need to adapt to the needs of the well-rounded racer, SILCA moved to make their product more versatile. From SILCA President, Josh Poertner, “The kit was the idea of our pro team mechanics and athletes who were riding mostly on the road in the spring and summer and mostly CX and off-road in the fall. By adding a Low Pressure kit to a standard Ultimate pump, the discerning cyclist can go from 1psi accuracy to 0.5psi accuracy at CX pressures.”


Each pressure gauge kit comes housed in a two part EVA foam case for safe keeping and contains a gauge, a 10mL bottle of O-ring lubricant, an O-ring, and a SILCA S-2 tool steel 4mm hex key (in red). Low pressure kits have yellow dials with increments of 1psi, ensuring inflation accuracy of 0.5psi to 60psi for off-road or cross applications. The high pressure kit features a red dial with 2psi increments, with 1psi accuracy to 160psi for your road season. SILCA claims that changing between dials, a process that involved loosening and tightening two screws, takes only around two minutes.


The SuperPista Ultimate PLUS is available for $500 and each gauge kit is available for $65 through the SILCA website.


  1. For $565, I’m pretty sure I could fly to Nevada and have Playboy Bunnies inflate my tires to a moderately accurate pressure for me while at Cross Vegas.

  2. I was all excited for a minute because I thought Silca was introducing LARGER gauges, unfortunately they are just more accurate… 1% accuracy is way smaller than the width of the pointer on these small gauges. As a Super Pista owner what I really want is a bigger gauge — my ability to be accurate is more important than the gauge’s.

  3. I still don’t understand the need for a precise gauge. Cycling is not formula 1 and unless you spent weeks/months recording the results of extensive grip and crr testing on different types of pavements with a full range of temperature/humidity including in the rain there is no way you can know if you should better inflate your tires at say 101 or 103 psi.

  4. Timi, one or two psi on the road don’t mean too much, but a couple of PSI in an mtb or CX will change a sweet ride to a dog.
    It also becomes critical on road if you are running latex tubes and are bleeding 6 PSI over the course of a long ride or are setting up for a wet day.

  5. For MTB, little guys are running around 20 PSI and bigger guys are still under 30, so I’d like to see 40 PSI full scale.

  6. And I agree with comments above on the size of the gauge.
    I put a new accurate biggest I could fit guage on my original Silca pump from the 80’s.

    I would also like to see the gauge mounted at the top of the tube to make it easier to read.

  7. If the manufacturer is worried about damaging a lower pressure gauge with too higher pressure, then it is quite simple to incorporate an appropriate blow off valve to prevent gauge damage scaled for each gauge on a tee piece.

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