Anna Schwinn


Philly Bike Expo 2019: Rad things Round Up

There was a lot of rad stuff to take in at the Philadelphia Bike Expo - here is a collection of some of our...
Danielle Schon, Schon Studio, Philadelphia Bike Expo 2019

Philly Bike Expo 2019: PBE x SRAM Framebuilder Inclusivity Scholarship winners turn it all...

Figuring that since we have spent the last few weeks talking to the beneficiaries of the PBExSRAM Framebuilder Inclusivity scholarship on the Bikerumor Podcast,...
Julie Ann Pedalino, Philadelphia Bike Expo 2019, SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship

Philly Bike Expo 2019: Julie Ann Pedalino wins Best in Show with ribbons and...

Ribbons, hearts, wings, and bows broke the mold while stopping the show at the Philadelphia Bike Expo this weekend. Julie Ann Pedalino's stunning stainless...
podcast interview with moth attack builder and founder megan dean

Bikerumor Podcast #025 – Marvelous Megan Dean of Moth Attack

For our final interview in our series on the people around the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Framebuilder Inclusivity Scholarship, we have the pleasure...
bikerumor podcast interview with danielle schon custom bicycle fabricator and framebuilder

Bikerumor Podcast #024 – Fab Fabricator Danielle Schön of Schön Studio

Canadian builder Danielle Schön is all about growth. Like her colleague and hero, Julie Ann Pedalino, Danielle Schön of Schön Studio is a skill...
bikerumor podcast interview with jackie mautner of breadwinner cycles and untitled custom bicycles

Bikerumor Podcast #023 – Jackie Mautner of Untitled Cycles, Breadwinner

By day, Jackie Mautner is the mild-mannered production manager at Breadwinner Cycles, working alongside Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan and honing bread and butter...
interview with frame builder Julie Ann Pedalino about her custom bicycle designs and bilaminate tube construction method

Bikerumor Podcast #022 – Julie Ann Pedalino: Frame builder, Machinist, Maximalist

Julie Ann Pedalino is fresh. This was evident from her debut at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show in 2015 - the former artist...
interview with brooklyn fowler about the sram diversity scholarship for handmade bicycle builders and designers

Bikerumor Podcast #021 – SRAM’s Brooklyn Fowler talks about PBExSRAM Diversity Scholarship

This is the second installment in a series of podcast interviews with the folks around the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Inclusivity Scholarship. In...
bikerumor podcast interview with bina bilenky of philly bike expo

Bikerumor Podcast #020 – Philly Bike Expo’s Bina Bilenky talks about building a show...

Bina Bilenky is what you would call a real, deal bicycle industry lifer. She grew up sorting, organizing, and cleaning shop at Bilenky Cycle...



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