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Bikerumor Podcast #025 – Marvelous Megan Dean of Moth Attack

podcast interview with moth attack builder and founder megan dean
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For our final interview in our series on the people around the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Framebuilder Inclusivity Scholarship, we have the pleasure of speaking to my friend (and occasional Madison partner), the marvelous Megan Dean of Moth Attack. The most experienced of the builders in this series, Megan is also the least ornamental. Rather than focus on flare, Megan obsesses over handling and ride feel, fitting ride experience and bike to rider. As a result her bikes are clean, and her range of product tends to expand as her personal riding tastes do.

Anyway, here is a picture of her we took from the 2016 Philadelphia Bike Expo.**

Look at how whimsical she is.

** As the most experienced and longest-building builder in the series, Megan has also waited to the lastest of the last minutes to finish and pack her bike. As a result, we have limited photography to work with because she only sent me four photos. We’ll get to them in a minute. 

As mentioned earlier, Megan’s focus is handling and ride feel, on the rider experience. She will not build a type of bike for a customer that she hasn’t felt out, ridden well, and understood on a visceral level. Megan’s first discipline? Track. Meaning that as Megan has evolved her style and repertoire over time, her product has gotten fatter and fatter. When she announced to me many weeks ago that she would be bringing a full sus creation, her first, to Philly, I was a little surprised, pretty amused, but very much anticipating, as she was planned to be the last interview in the series, this exact last minute scenario.

Here are the four photos Megan sent to me for this post with exactly as much context as I was given

Megan Dean, Moth Attack, Moth Attack Team Bike

Megan Dean, Moth Attack, Frame on Desk Megan Dean, Moth Attack, Frame Parts

Megan Dean, Moth Attack, Frame Part

Thank you so much for joining us for this series on the folks around and the builders highlighted in the Philadelphia Bike Expo and SRAM Framebuilder Inclusivity Scholarship. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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