Canadian builder Danielle Schön is all about growth. Like her colleague and hero, Julie Ann Pedalino, Danielle Schön of Schön Studio is a skill hoarder – she’s always looking for new things to learn, master, and add to her evolving toolkit. But where Pedalino’s path has lead her to computer aided design and CNC machining to realize her creative vision, Schön has skewed more visceral.

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio, in situ

Her constant need for growth and personal development has helped her to build an impressive portfolio of work and technical chops – which she will discuss in detail in the podcast.

As a builder, the exciting thing for me is how she is a top notch fabricator first. Like other builders in this series, because she comes from outside the craft, Schön is freed from the dominant narratives and traditions around what a bike should be. As a result, Schön’s solutions and construction can take unexpected and delightful turns. She deeply understands the opportunity of her material and her process – that is her guide.

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio, handmade

Jelly Roll Track, North American Handmade Bike Show 2016

You can find the write-up from that show here. 

Winged Road, Philadelphia Bike Expo 2017

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio,

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio,

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio,

Danielle Schön, Schön Studio,

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2 years ago

Great interview. Love hearing how Danielle found her way into frame building. The stainless frames are amazing and I’m digging the hand crafted attention to detail.

Richard Sachs
Richard Sachs
2 years ago

Hey this was seriously wonderful.

Drew Diller
2 years ago

Fun interview, Danielle sounds like a lovely person and that notion shows in her work. It hurt me a little in the bones during the part about “exposure dollars” – how does one even answer that politely? Will my bank accept “exposure”, will my landlord? That notion really does bleed into other disciplines – if you’re trying to make it big, there will be a long line of people that want free stuff.

Kruch Bikes
Kruch Bikes
2 years ago

Awesome interview, so glad I took the time to listen. Super inspirational.