More and more riders are singing the praises of silicone grips thanks to the efforts of brands like Red Monkey and ESI. Even so, there are still those out there that prefer the convenience and holding power of a lock on. Since having options is always good, Red Monkey is putting the Klampz to their silicone with their first lock on grip. The silicone lock-ons offer all the performance you love of the original Red Monkey Grips, only with a little extra hardware…

Torcano industries red monkey silicone grips ORP smart horn remote purefit bars (4)

Torcano industries red monkey silicone grips ORP smart horn remote purefit bars (5)

Earlier this year during Sea Otter, we got a first look at the new grips which use a dual locking mechanism. The silicone still offers the same grippy, weather resistant, and vibration deadening feel as their non lock on grips, but they now install and remove with ease. Meant for all standard 22.2mm mountain handlebars, the grips measure 130 mm long. The price for the added convenience shows on the scale, but the grips are still impressively light at 58 g per side including the end cap.



Available in multiple colors, initially the grip itself will be offered in black, blue, bright green, and white silicone, though red, purple, orange, and brown grips are on the way. Additionally, the grips will be available with your choice of black, red, blue, green, purple, or silver locking collars. Sold with a red anodized Allen key, Red Monkey Klampz lock on grips will retail for $28.

Torcano Industries is the exclusive distributor of RedMonkey in the U.S.


  1. I bought a pair of their non-lock on grips, after a bit of riding a defect became visible. I let them know and they sent me several sets in a good will gesture. Pretty nice service.

  2. Great colors and top notch comfort on their non-locking grips seems to have bled into another awesome product by RedMonkeysports!

  3. I own a set of the original ones, usually I ride with gloves to prevent slipping g with my sweaty hands but with this one’s I feel secure even with naked hand. Sure thing I will invest in a couple sets to interchange with whatever the month celebrates. I have a set of pink for October but if I can swap as easy with the provided tool then is great no need to get the air compresor out for that task.

  4. Love th originals, and now stoked to have these in lock-on. Not sure why someone else hasn’t thought of this beofre, but things just got a lot better and the colorways are awesome too. Ah Yeah!

  5. I’ve been running ESI silicone grips for ages now. Never had them slip. Not once. Ever.

    So tell me again why I need clamps?

  6. @ Fat Boy – Use them in case you change your cockpit around a bunch, if you test gear or just want to be able to remove them without tearing your old grips up. I have wanted something like this for along time…will have to pick up a set.

  7. The RedMonkey Grips alone are solid. When I crash, I crash hard and these grips manage to maintain even when my body tears. The fact that they now have even more customization to them with keeping the comfort to my hands just makes me that much more excited to get a pair. Now I can have a couple different color schemes when I ride. If anyone did have issues with the ends tearing from crashes, these new grips will be your answer because they have the lock on part protecting them. Great investment!!!!!!!

  8. This seems marginally interesting with one caveat – what does it do to the diameter? I have been a fan of the ESI Racer’s Edge (partly due to the small diameter) but I’m getting frustrated with their fragility; it’s like they are made of tissue paper. If the Red Monkeys are close to a 30mm OD, I might be tempted to give them a go.

  9. Just picked up a pair of these and they are great! Comfortable ride and I can’t complain…looks great too! (deleted) The Red Monkey logo looks cool and that’s my two cents!

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