Originally launched in 2009, the Urge Endur-O-Matic helmet stuck out in a crowded helmet market due to its unusual (dare we say “Euro”) appearance. In the intervening years, the unique design language has aged well, but Urge felt it was time to update the look.

The newly redesigned Enduro-O-Matic 2 claims to offer more protection, improved ventilation and comfort, and environmentally friendliness…


The new model will be available in two sizes: S/M, M/L. Each will ship with two padsets, to allow the end user to fine tune fit. Despite the rather unvented appearance, there are actually 28 of them and they’ve designed interior channels to move air across your head and out of the rear exhaust circles.


The new lid also utilizes a BOA closure system for improved fit and boasts two height adjustments. Claimed weight is a reasonable 349g for a size S/M.


To help reduce its carbon footprint, Urge utilizes 100% recycled EPS from the automotive industry, and recycled PET for the straps.


In regards to safety, the helmet uses a “butterfly cage,” which Urge claims allows an “optimized cohesion of the shell structure” for better impact absorption. The shell is also smooth to reduce hooking risks, and employs a flexible visor that won’t snag or catch. The Enduro-Matic-2 meets the following three safety certifications:

CE: NF EN 1078 + A1 February 2013
US : CPSC 16 CFR Part 1203
AS/NZ : AS/NZS 2063.200


The new helmets will be available in December. The red-white-and blue helmet pictured above is a limited edition color way, and more options will be launched at Eurobike. Retail pricing is set at 149 €/ $134.95 USD/ $229 AU.



  1. I am so into my super 2r, right now, I carry the jaw price to the top, with a price of Velcro, at the top of my pack. I love this rear head protection, but never see myself, without the option to snap a chin piece on, in my rocky steep hills. I am waiting for more companies, to roll solutions out.

  2. Not sure what makes you call that an “euro” look apart from the brand origin. Looks more 70’s japanese scifi inspired to me.

  3. My enduromatic is due for replacement after saving the back of my head from impacts xc style helmets would not have.

    Even in Maryland summers the vents work well. I’ll just wait for more normal colors on v2.

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