Shimano’s in-house component line Pro gets a bit of reworking to bring the MTB groups inline across all disciplines. The renamed Tharsis 9.8 takes over the burly group of downhiller components raced by the GT Atherton team at the World Cups. Named for the 9.8 m/s2 acceleration due to gravity, the Tharsis 9.8 looks to take kit mostly out of the current Athertons Star Series, offering updated 9.8 graphics across their DH saddles, stems, bars, and seat posts.

Read on for more details on the new all-mountain Trail series, the working-man’s Koryak components, and some tools and accessories…


A Tharsis Trail series is all new group following up on last year’s Tharsis XC series.The new Trail carbon bars and aluminum stems were developed for all-mountain riding with GT Factory Racing’s Martin Maes. Two carbon handlebars will be available, with one that includes internal routing for Di2 setups. The bars come in the matte black with gloss decals finish typical across all of the different Tharsis lines. The Trail bars will be 800mm wide (trim-able down to 720mm) with 20° rise and a claimed weight of 214g.

Shimano_PRO_Tharsis-trail-stems Shimano_Pro_Tharsis-Trail_Di2_steerer-tube-battery-holders

The new accompanying Trail stem gets a wide face place for better stiffness for more aggressive riding and includes a external locking mechanism to tighten the headset, doing away with a star nut to let the Di2 wiring route through the steerer. A stiff aluminum and lighter rubber options will be available with the stems to mount the battery in the top of the steerer tube. The 0° stems will be available in 35, 45, 55, and 65mm lengths.


Updates to the Tharsis range trickle down to Koryak to offer similar performance to more riders. The more affordable alloy Koryak series gets several new stems with 40-60mm 0° options for trail riders and 70-100mm +/-6° options for XC riders. Single-bolt seat posts and9° backsweep  flat and riser bars carry over to fill out the series.

Shimano_PRO_workshop-tools_disc-brake-spreader_hacksaw_cutting-guide_chain-link-pliers Shimano_PRO_workshop-tools_cleaning-brushes-set Shimanno_Pro_mountain-grips

Pro also adds a bunch of new workshop tools to keep bikes running smoothly, including a disc brake spreader, a hacksaw and cutting guide, and a selection of cleaning brushes. Curiously, Pro sent over this images of a pair of chain link pliers, which since Shimano does not currently offer a removable master may suggest that one will become available again soon. -They’ve also added a chain tensioner, CO2 cartridges, a new mini pump, a floor pump, saddle bags, and seatpost binders to expand their takeover of the accessories market. Closing it all out they’ve added a wide range of grips, from multi-density and even foam lock-ons to silicone ESI knock-offs, and even some bar ends. No pricing was ready yet, but everything is expected to be available from the end of November 2015.


  1. g is a constant on and around Earth, on a human scale.

    The chain link pliers are not indicative of a coming split link from Shimano. Shimano just finished their 6/7/900 chains that unify their chain offering across mountain and road to three price points. All use one time pins. At one time, Shimano prototyped a split link, but could not make it perform to their standards over the life of the chain, so they’ve dropped further development along those lines.

    The reason the tool is on offer is because PRO is not Shimano. They’re their own engineering and design house in the Netherlands. They existed before Shimano bought their worldwide distribution and marketing rights. PRO sells tools and components for use on any bike, not just with Shimano components.

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