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Making the move to US based production was a smart one for Sage Cycles.  It has enabled the company to quickly design, prototype, and build two updated models, with a third, new model on it’s way within the past year.

The Sage Skyline 2.0 is in our test stable, and a full review will be coming post-Interbike.  For those riding cross this season, the updated PDXCX is available now.  And for those looking to hit the back roads, and even get in some bikepacking, the new Barlow gravel grinder is coming soon.

The Barlow ticks all the right boxes.  It’s made of 3/2.5 ti, has a 44mm headtube and oversized downtube, custom ti seat post, clearance for 40mm tires, separate rack and fender mounts, can use electronic or mechanical drivetrains, quick release or thru axle hub compatibility, and it even has three sets of water bottle mounts.

Head past the break for more images plus the full press release.


Thanks to the flattened drive side chainstay, the Barlow can fit full sized chainrings, and still clear a 40mm tire.

Be sure and check out Sage Cycles newly updated website, where you can custom configure any bike or frameset they offer.


Press Release

Sage Cycles is proud to introduce the new Barlow gravel and adventure bike. Named after the famous Barlow trail in Oregon, the Sage Barlow is designed for going beyond the pavement. It is created with a passion for adventure and exploration. Artfully crafted in the United States from 3/2.5 titanium the Barlow combines the classic feel of titanium with innovation to create a fast, durable and beautifully riding machine. To keep the Barlow on track in loose dirt and gravel it features a 44 mm head tube for better front-end stiffness and precise handling. The head tube is mated to a double-butted, bi-ovalized, oversized down tube for better power transfer and climbing efficiency. The top tube is also double-butted and utilizes a sloping top tube design to improve stand over. The front triangle is completed with an English threaded bottom bracket, three water bottle mounts and a custom titanium seat post for increased shock absorption.

The Barlow is compatible with mechanical and electronic shifting systems. For the cleanest routing possible the Sage Barlow is equipped with our patent pending Cable Clip System (CCS). When mounted, the clip cleanly routes the cables under the down tube – complete with barrel adjusters for on-the-fly derailleur adjustments. For bikes equipped with electric shifting systems, the clip detaches from the frame, providing a wire port for internal routing of the shifter wires.

The rear triangle of the Sage Barlow is designed to maximize the properties of titanium while providing the stiffness required for all day adventures. At the bottom bracket the drive side chain stay attaches to a machined titanium plate for increased clearance for up to 40mm tires. The titanium plate also allows for the use of standard road gearing. Contributing to the rear triangle’s stiffness and clean lines are plate style dropouts. The dropouts convert for use with either standard quick release or thru axle hubs.  Adding additional versatility to the Barlow are separate fender and rack mounts at the rear dropouts.

The Barlow will be on display at Interbike in the Park Tool booth (14052). Please stop in, learn about all the great new products from Park Tool, and have a look at the new Barlow.

The Barlow will be available in January 2016 with complete bikes starting at $5,265 and framesets at $3,325 (including a full-carbon fork and King headset with spacers.) Pre-orders are currently being accepted.




  1. Drew on

    Now with this model on stream, I’m left wondering if Lynskey has cornered the market for most outsourced Ti frames. I love my Lynskey-built 2015 Kona Esatto Ti, which has proven a smooth steed for the chipped roads outside Hanoi where I ride.

  2. TypeVertigo on

    Any news on whether the Barlow frameset includes the fork or not? The press release doesn’t seem to mention anything about the fork.

    Nice bike. Too pricey for my blood, but very nice.

  3. Troy on

    That list of inclusions on the Barlow frame is pretty extensive – good to see the focus on utility (not bottle openers and pump pegs).

    Seperately – don’t search Google Images for “Sage” with SafeSearch turned off, its not suitable for work….

  4. Colin on

    Has all the design elements of a Lynskey, right down to the interchangeable dropouts. Good to see the family business thriving with rebranded frames.

  5. TypeVertigo on

    Yes I understand that, but it’s strange how the press release is silent on the fork. Not even a mention of the steerer tube dimensions or material.

    For all we know the frame may accept racks and fenders, but the fork won’t have eyelets for it.


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