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If you’re on the shorter side of things, chances are you may struggle fitting even a 150mm dropper post in your frame. But if you’ve got longer legs, posts even longer than 150mm wouldn’t be an issue. That’s why 9Point8 is looking into taking their Fall Line dropper posts to new heights (or drops). With a 175mm travel post officially in the works, the brand was even showing a massive 200mm travel post that just might make it to production…

9point8 200 175mm dropper posts

9point8 200 175mm dropper posts-7 9point8 200 175mm dropper posts-3

The first time we saw the new infinitely adjustable mechanical Fall Line post, 9Point8 hinted that the mechanical brake design could allow for much longer travels. Now that the Fall Line has expanded to include 100 and 75mm travels, 9Point8 is focusing on the opposite end of the spectrum with a 175mm and 200mm post. Officially the 175mm drop/500mm length post is in the works with a delivery slated for Spring 2016. The 200mm travel, 560mm length monster is still being debated internally but will be produced if there is a demand.

According to 9Point8 the two posts will be a bit more expensive just to cover the cost of the extra tubing and will add a small amount of weight. In the case of the 175mm vs the 150mm travel posts, the longer option is said to add only 30g. All posts are available in 30.9 and 31.6mm diameters and are compatible with their setback or zero offset clamp heads. Standard length posts retail for $379 while the two longer posts will be slightly more.




  1. As someone with really long legs, I couldn’t be more stoked for a longer dropper post, especially with the trend of slightly shorter seat tubes on new bikes. I’ll take a 175mm please.

  2. A longer dropper post would be really helpful for someone tall like me. I need 90.7cm from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle, and the trend seems to be shorter seat tubes, so a longer post would be nice.

  3. I’m 6,2″ and use a quick release on my 125mm reverb for steep alpine riding to get the saddle at the lowest position possible.

    I would buy the 200mm if available now.

  4. Since now we know that the 200 mm post is in production I just have to realize that not all frames can accomodate that! Such a pity. I’m 6’3” and and would appreciate to be able to roll the bike between my legs!

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