2016 Marin Attack Trail pro winning enduro mountain bike with full XTR and BOS suspension

Marin is bringing back Pro level spec on their mountain bike lineup for 2016, which means a full XTR build including hubs, a rarity these days It also gets the BOS suspension.

Shown above, the Attack Trail Pro is their premium Enduro race bike, and it swept the 2015 NA Enduro Tour series under Kyle Warner, Cody Kelley, and Craig Harvey in first, second and third in the overall.

To help you attempt the same, it’s equipped with the BOS Deville RaRe (Race Ready) fork, which gets that brand’s DH fork’s FCV (frequency control valve) that controls the forces coming from the ground versus the rider, letting it soak up the little stuff quickly while still resisting the weight of the rider when pushing it into the corners.
It also gets a different air spring that gets a very different spring curve to put more support early in the stroke, but the compression damping circuit has a different hydraulic piston and shims for quicker response. All three of those features come together to make it a more race-oriented fork that likes hitting things at a higher speed.


The BOS rep said it’ll still work fine for normal riding, it just won’t be quite as plush as their standard Deville.


The KiRK rear shocks were all tuned specifically for the different Marin models, and the high end Pro models get their 3-way system with high/low speed compression, low speed rebound and platform lockout. Travel is 160mm front / 150mm rear.


The Attack Trail gets a carbon Diety bar, Gamut stem, Reverb Stealth and carbon railed WTB High Tail saddle. It’s a Carbon front and rear frame (all Pro models are full carbon), and it’s rolling on 650B wheels. Oops, sorry, 27.5″ wheels. Retail is $9,349.

2016 Marin Mt Vision Pro trail mountain bike with full XTR and BOS suspension

The Mount Vision Pro gets the BOS Deville front and KiRK 3-Way rear on a beautiful light powder blue frame with orange and black accents. It’s not quite the Gulf Racing blue, but close.

2016 Marin Mt Vision Pro trail mountain bike with full XTR and BOS suspension

Travel on this one is 140mm on both ends, putting it squarely in the trail/all-mountain category. Cockpit includes a Reverb Stealth and Raceface Atlas stem with SixC carbon bar.

2016 Marin Mt Vision Pro trail mountain bike with full XTR and BOS suspension

Retail is $9,349.

2016 Marin Rift Zone 29er XC trail bike

The Rift Zone Pro trail 29er is the only bike of the three to use something other than BOS on the front. It gets a Fox 34 Kashina-Coated fork with 120mm travel.

2016 Marin Rift Zone 29er XC trail bike

It’s shown with a Fox shock here, but production versions will get a BOS Micro rear shock enabling 110mm rear wheel travel.


2016 Marin Rift Zone 29er XC trail bike


With so many bike brands either choosing a single-brand wheelset (Mavic, etc.) or taking basic Formula hubs (rebranded or not) and lacing them to myriad rims, it’s almost unheard up to include Shimano’s top-level XTR hubs anymore. But here they are, laced to WTB’s carbon i24 rims on all three of the full suspension bikes.

2016 Marin Rift Zone 29er XC trail bike

Retail is $9,349 on this one, too, which includes the Reverb and Race Face Next front end.

2016 Marin Four Cornders Elite columbus steel gravel road bike

There’s one more mountain bike, but it’s best to show this one first.

The Four Corners Elite is a step up from the base model introduced at Sea Otter. Named after a junction in Mill Valley that leads to a lot of great local trails, the Elite model upgrades to a full Columbus Thron steel tubeset…

2016 Marin Four Cornders Elite columbus steel gravel road bike

… and a SRAM Rival 1 group with a 42-tooth chainring that gives you a 1:1 ratio on the biggest cog.

2016 Marin Four Cornders Elite columbus steel gravel road bike

Investment cast dropouts with full rack and fender mounts decorate the raw frame with clear coat. They chose that rather than the metallic charcoal paint on the base model to because it’s a bit lighter, but mainly because it looks bad ass.

2016 Marin Four Cornders Elite columbus steel gravel road bike

It also upgrades to the NAILD dropout system designed by Darrell Voss. The levers use a locking inner lever to prevent unwanted release, but remove with less than half a turn once the lever’s open for a quick but safe wheel removal. That system debuted earlier this summer on Marin’s Gestalt gravel bike.

2016 Marin Four Cornders Elite columbus steel gravel road bike

Given that the Gestalt is their “performance” gravel bike, the Four Corners really falls more into the do-anything adventure/light touring box. It comes with tubeless ready wheels and Schwalbe G-One tires, but can fit up to 29×2.1 tires. Retail is $2,309.


The Pine Mountain Two (aka: deluxe) also steps up from the 27.5+ hardtail they introduced at Sea Otter. Like the FC, it gets the Columbus Thron tubing.


The biggest upgrade from the standard QR-equipped Pine Mountain One is this one’s got Boost spacing with a 12×148 NAILD thru axle. But, tire clearance is the same 27.5 x 3.0. Those dropouts slide through investment cast dropouts with rack mounts.


Up front is a Boost Fox 34 110mm fork.


While the frame isn’t specifically optimized for 29er wheels, they say it could run the larger wheels with something like a 2.2″ tire. Retail is $2,749

Across the entire range, all 2016 mountain bikes get wide range 1×10 or 1×11 groups, no more doubles anywhere in the line. The 1×10 bikes will use a SunRace 11-42 cassette. They’ll all get dropper posts and refined spec, too.



  1. Is there any “strangeness” preventing a FD installation on the Four Corners should an owner want/need it?
    And on the Pine Mountain, the seat stays appear to have rack bosses. Yes? If so, thank you Marin!

  2. typically how many 10k bikes do the big time companies sell? for example, will Marin sell over 100 mount vision pros? truly curious, not ragging on these rides, they are real nice. i think the component spec for that attack trail is on point

  3. “…..the Elite model upgrades to a full Columbus Thron steel tubeset…”

    What was the tubeset on the base model?? Unless Columbus upgraded the Thron over the years, it’s a rather poor tubeset, one of the lowest rungs on the Columbus ladder. In the 90’s it was not seamless, and it was heavy. Thron and Cromor were used only on the base model frames from most companies of the time.

  4. @JBikes – One can mount a FD on the Four Corners Elite if desired. Our base Four Corners model is spec’d with a 3×9 Sora drivetrain for $1100. And both the Pine Mountain 1 and Pine Mountain 2 models feature rack, fender and frame bag mounts. The Pine Mountain 1 also has fork lo-rider mounts and a front fender mount.

    @rambling – The Pine Mountain 1 (and base Four Corners) are both spec’d with 4130 CrMo tubesets. The Thron tubing on the Pine Mountain 2 and Four Corners Elite is a very nice double-butted CrMo tubeset.

  5. @JBikes – The Four Corners Elite frame was engineered to run most common drivetrains, so there will be no issue installing a front derailleur and double or triple chainring cranksets.

    The Pine Mountain 2 (and Pine Mountain 1) do come with full rack and fender eyelets.

    Thanks for the interest and great feedback!

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