The Roost Carbon steps a little A LOT outside the box to give you everything you want…. or don’t want in a bike.  Many think new standards come about too fast, but apparently some don’t think they come fast enough, or that there shouldn’t even be any standards.

Flip out past the break and see what all makes the Roost Carbon…..

From Ridiculous Bikes:


  • 13 Speeds 11-53T cassette
  • 1500mm wheelbase prone geometry
  • 188mm dropouts
  • Huge BB spacing

*are all not patented and is free for use by all drunkards.

Full geometry will not be released due to the waste of time from measuring.

This full 3D video was not meant to diss anyone or discourage change in the MTB industry, there are no affiliations to Club Roost products and the video was created for fun in one afternoon after an awesome trail ride! Cheers.
188mm Dropout Spacing, 1500mm Wheelbase and general proportion shown in the video is to scale.
Original 3D model was derived from Grabcad’s J. Deschamps and was heavily modified, setup, textured and remodeled by Patrick Ng

Disclaimer II:
* can not be held liable for any less than appropriate actions taken by our audience due too any content or misspallings.  Any and all damages that may or may not occur including flipped desks, hand or forehead injuries from “GAHHH moments”, or carpel tunnel syndrome from excessive commenting.


  1. @Jimmy A 650b tube would be just fine with that little stretch. Besides, most people would probably run tubeless anyway.

    -Guy who’s real fun at parties.

  2. They could have gone so much further by adding a Lefty and a motor to this hongfu reject.

    I wouldn’t pay much more than a $5000 premium for the rebadge.

  3. Well, I’m glad they’ve finally solved the problem of a 29ers tank handling. The geo on this definitely looks progressive and/or enduro.

    I’m really bummed that they stayed more on the 650b side. Guys! People stopped riding 650b bikes months ago because you can’t get around this little thing called angle of attack.

    So, good job Roost, but I’m going to pass. Wake me up when they come out with a 28 1/3 inch platform.

  4. Sweet! It’s a 29er for a shorty (err…well sort of..) Like me! I think a reverse sanction lefty with spinergy wheels would make me squamish ready for sure. This bike is the whole reason I waited vs jumping on the 27.5 band wagon…. Huevo’s, here I come!

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