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When you think you’ve seen it all… and then something new comes along to blow your mind – that is pretty much what I went through when I saw SE Racing’s “Fat Ripper”. In a sea of fatbikes, this thing stood out like nothing else in the oversize category at Interbike as this is not a BMX bike for riding in the snow….. though you could!

Rip past the break to see this rad beast up close and some shots and videos of former pro BMX’er and long time SE Racing Brand Manager, Todd Lyons showing us how it’s done…

Fat Ripper-2
Being described as the “worlds first high-end Fat BMX bike”, it’s modeled after the ledgendary PK Ripper but with fun filled 26 x 3.5” tires! Some folks consider a fat bike a snow specific bike, but no matter who you are, this bike is built to make you giggle. Usually a person would put some thought into what kind of bike they want next. That is not the case with this bike…. it puts the thought there for you. While chatting with Todd, I over heard someone say, “I want that!” His friend asked, “what would you do with it”? He laughed and said, “Oh, I’ll find something to do with it”. I think that summed up most peoples’ thoughts while staring at it. It’s a fat bike with BMX maneuverability for crying out loud!

Fat Ripper-3
The Fat Ripper’s frame is built out of SE’s sturdy 6066 alloy Floval tubing featuring their iconic “loop-tail” rear stays. The 3.5” wide Chicane skinwall tires are wrapped around their 65mm wide Bubble Fat SE rims all mounted between 170mm spaced horizontal dropouts. An integrated headset & disc brakes keep it tight and in control…. even when things may not be.

Fat Ripper bar-1
To keep things rad, the Fat Ripper comes with special edition ODI Mushroom II grips *swoon* and vintage vinyl pads that the older kids are sure to appreciate. Available very soon NOW (just got the update from the Wildman himself), the Fat Ripper will retail for $849

Fat Ripper-4
Now check out some pics and videos of Former SE Racing sponsored Pro BMX’er turned SE Racing Brand Manager Todd “Wildman” Lyons thrashing his own not so little creation. It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it…..

Fat Ripper Press-1

Fat Ripper Press-2

Fat Ripper Press-3

Fat Ripper Press-4


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  1. This is a rad bike! I was opposed to the plus tire thing until I rode the trek stache. They are pretty awesome go anywhere machines.

  2. To bad if you ride it like Todd you will bend the wheels,cranks ,and pedals. SE will not stand behind their warranty. So if you enjoy dropping $850.00 for what is billed as a “pro” level bike that can’t handle pro moves go for it!

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