Moots surprised us with a couple of new items, but nothing grabbed our attention more than the YBB+ Mountaineer bike packing rig… well, the change in ownership is a pretty big deal too, but it sounds like a solid move for a steadily growing company.

Blaze a path past the break to see what Moots has packed away and see what Moots has to say about the changeover…

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Photos c. Moots

The YBB lives on, and we couldn’t think of a better home than on a bike like the Moots Mountaineer+. With bike packing, you want something simple and most importantly dependable.

Moots YBB n stuff-4

And though the low pressure 2.8″ tires absorb a lot, nothing beats a little suspension to take the bite out of a loooong day(s) on the bike.

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This particular bike is a prototype fitted with some pretty sweet bags from Porcelain Rocket. The bags are secured by Velcro straps and the frame’s existing bottle mounts for a solid, less rattling hold. The YBB+ Mountaineer uses straight gauge tubing to better support the extra weight and stress of bike packing as well as a Boost 148 rear to fit the bigger wheels and tires.

Moots YBB n stuff-2 Moots YBB n stuff-3

Moots is also introducing their own carbon fork with a tapered steerer. It will come in 2 rakes of 43 & 50mm. They are also now offering some pretty slick headtube engraving as an option on their builds.

To Reflect: Moots, was founded by frame building and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame legend Kent Eriksen in 1981. Kent sold Moots in 1995 while staying on so he could do more of what he loved, and now operates Kent Eriksen Cycles making titanium bikes back where he started out of Orange Peel Bikes. Now Moots is once again under new ownership after long time owner, Chris Miller announced the sell to Brent Whittington, and by the sounds of it, it’s a welcome change.

Check out the official press release on what exactly the new guy is getting his hands on from our Moots factory tour in Steamboat Springs Colorado.

From Moots:

Steamboat Springs, CO (October 1, 2015) — Moots Cycles announced today that longtime owner, Chris Miller, has sold the premium titanium bicycle and component manufacturer to Brent Whittington, a former executive officer for a FORTUNE 500 telecommunications company.

Whittington, a passionate mountain biker and road cyclist, purchased a 100 percent ownership stake in the company along with the iconic Moots factory building. Moots’ world headquarters will stay in Steamboat Springs, and all current employees, including President Butch Boucher, will remain in place to ensure continuity of operations and a seamless transition.

“It’s incredible for me to have this unique opportunity to own one of the most respected cycling brands in the industry,” said Whittington. “I’m excited to help the Moots team continue to develop their innovative designs as the brand prepares to celebrate its 35th anniversary in 2016. Maintaining its high quality standards, focusing on its handcrafted heritage and helping to support its talented team will be my main priorities as we embark on the next level of growth and service with our customers, dealer partners and distributor partners worldwide.”

“I’m very pleased to pass the Moots torch to an individual who possesses both a true love of cycling and a great depth of business experience,” said Miller. “Brent embodies everything we were looking for in the new Moots owner. The energy, skill set and business experiences he’ll bring to Moots will continue to keep Moots a strong industry brand and certainly signifies a bright future for the company.”

“Since Chris purchased Moots in 1995, the company has experienced steady growth, elevated innovation standards in titanium bikes and positioned itself well for continued success,” said Boucher. “It’s definitely an exciting time for everyone at Moots and I’m looking forward to leading this business as we begin a new chapter.”

Whittington, 44, served as Chief Operating Officer at Windstream Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ: WIN) from 2009 to 2014. He oversaw the company’s business sales and service, network operations, engineering, information technology and enterprise marketing. Prior to that role, he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Windstream from 2005 to 2009. He has been an independent director at RigNet, Inc., a leading global provider of digital technology solutions to the oil and gas industry, since 2010. He serves on the board of trustees of The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas.

The sale is effective immediately. Financial terms were not disclosed.


  1. Colin M on

    I wonder what Steamboat Springs ranch Whittington bought to go along with his Moots purchase? A 43 year old millionare must be a fun gig.

  2. David Martin on

    Congratulations to Brent and the Moots Team. Brent is a fantastic leader and will help Moots grow their market share in a big way. WIN-WIN!

  3. Cheese on

    “director at. . . a leading global provider. . . to the oil and gas industry.” That’s exactly the type of leader that a progressive bicycle company needs.

  4. mtbnate on

    Awesome – Brent is a solid guy and a true mountain biker & cyclist. I’ve had the pleasure of competing with him in the Arkansas Mountain Bike Championship Series over the mid 2000’s until I moved to Germany.

    I think Mr. Miller summed it up perfectly; “Brent embodies everything we were looking for in the new Moots owner. The energy, skill set and business experiences he’ll bring to Moots will continue to keep Moots a strong industry brand and certainly signifies a bright future for the company.”


  5. Smitty on

    Although the bike and sus fork are all boost specs, I’m guessing the rigid fork with QR drops is not boost. So, different wheel needed?

    Does anyone make a rigid mtb fork with boost spacing yet?

  6. Eric on

    @Smith – it looks like that’s a new road fork. The frame that it’s on has the derailleur cable stops like a road frame would. I think they were just mentioning it as being new, but the article doesn’t do a good job separating it from talking about the mountain bike


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