Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

The new Kore Fuze saddles rethink typical construction by vacuum bonding a waterproof microfiber cover to a lightweight polyurethane foam, creating a one-piece upper that’s impervious to moisture. Then it’s bonded to a flexible nylon fiber shell, which holds onto hollow chromoly rails.

It’s available in two versions, offering different thicknesses and slightly different width and length, both in a variety of colors. Check out the details, plus new rims, pedals and chainrings, below…

Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

A center relief channel and cutout in the shell give your special bits a bit of wiggle room, and the shell is designed to flex just enough to make it more comfortable.

Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

The two shapes, called Fuze II (280g, 265x132mm) and Fuze III (302g, 270x135mm) also have different padding thicknesses:

Kore Fuze II III saddles with molded one-piece uppers

All logos and graphics are embossed and printed on. Colors include red, yellow, green, blue, orange, stealth black and chameleon.


They’ll sit nicely atop Kore’s upcoming dropper seatpost. They’re still not ready to show off all the internals or give up any more details than what we learned last year. But it’s close to being ready for production, stay tuned.


Kore’s patented Stronghold narrow/wide chainrings get a new SRAM direct mount edition that’s 9/10/11 speed compatible and comes in 26/28/30/32/34/36 tooth count options. It joins the standard 104BCD version that came out last year and the oversized 42T cog to add range to your cassette.


What sets Kore’s chainrings apart are the extra tall tooth profile and the small mud clearing divots in the valleys.


The taller teeth keep the chain locked onto the ring until it’s time for them to peel off, virtually eliminating dropped chains. They like to show it off by resting a few links (I’ve seen it hold with as few as five) onto a chainring then lifting a heavy weight. It’s an impressive little demo.


This prototype chainring shows their upcoming XTR version with asymmetric bolt holes and matching smoke gray.


The new Rivera pedals come in at the entry level with 6061-T6 alloy bodies that are forged then CNC’d. They hold 36 pins (18 per side), all of which load from the backside, which means larger bolt heads and easier install and removal. They spin on a 9/16″ chromoly axle with bearings and DU bushings. Weight is 412g per pair, available in blue, purple, gold, red and bead blasted black.


Lastly, their new Realm rims come in five different internal widths from 24mm all the way up to 45mm! All five are available in 27.5″ and 29″ diameters, have 32 holes with or without eyelets, and are disc brake only. Height is 21mm.


They’re also UST tubeless ready. They’re made of 6061-T6 alloy and sleeve jointed. Weights for the 27.5″ rims from narrowest to widest are:

  • Realm 2.4 – 31mm external / 24mm internal – 505g
  • Realm 2.7 – 34mm external / 27mm internal – 506g
  • Realm 3.0 – 37mm external / 30mm internal – 536g
  • Realm P35 – 42mm external / 35mm internal – 606g
  • Realm P45 – 52mm external / 45mm internal – TBD



  1. man if the teeth on those chainrings are so tall and wide that hold the chain like illustrated they are going to sound like a chainsaw!

  2. Specialized has been making saddles like this since 2013 when they came out with the Toupe and Phenom vacuum formed saddles, and everyone else has been copying since! There’s nothing new or novel here, just more copycats.

  3. and the Specialized saddles made like this wear out WELL before other designs like Fizik. The point where the rail plugs into the vacuum-formed plastic just wears out as the rail flexes. It just isn’t the right way to build, at least for longevity, what turns into a bearing.

  4. The demo of the chainring with weights hanging is at best meaningless (a chain won’t fall off because of too much vertical load..but because of too little)

    More likely its to mislead, as the weights HELP hold the chain on. I’d like to see the results of just the chainring being shaken with no weight.

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