Kestrel Fin-1-2

Fuji has been busy this year and even having just released a couple of brand new mountain and carbon road bikes, they didn’t come close to stopping there. Sticking to offering high quality bikes at a better value, Fuji fills in the gaps with these new offerings.

Jump past the break and see what the price of “fun” costs these days….

Bighorn Rear-1

The Bighorn is their new “plus” offering; an aluminum hard tail that comes well equipped. BOTH models come stock with dropper posts and two solid build kits. The Bighorn 1.1 comes with a 1×11 XT build, Fox 34 Float, and KS LEV dropper post retailing for $2,500, and the 1.3 with an XT/SLX mix, Reba RL fork, and KS eTEN Integra dropper post brings it down to a scant $1,900.

Fuji Mtn-2

To get more people on quality full squish bikes, Fuji took the classic single pivot design and decent build kits to create a price point, highly capable, full suspension mountain bike. The Reveal 1.1 comes with an XT/Deore build and Manitou Minute fork for only $1,580 and the 1.3 gets a more entry level “off-roadable” build at only $1,370.

Kestrel Fin2-1 Fuji CX fork-1

Lastly, Fuji makes a minor, but worthy change to their popular Altamira CX bike with a new thru-axle disc carbon fork. The new fork should prove to be stiffer as well as more dependable in less than stellar conditions.


  1. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for from manufacturers- solid spec, simple but tested suspension, good price. The Reveals may not be glamorous, but their honest working spec’ed rigs. If I didn’t work in a shop, I would be aiming at one of those. My only gripe is the high pivot point. Something in line with a 30-34 ring would fair better under most riders. I loved my old Bullitt, but the times have changed. Even still, tip o’ the hat, Fuji. I will easily recommend your bikes to folks on a budget. I look forward to a long term beat down review.

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