Locally, each of our trails has its own boss that’s responsible for keeping things flowing, arranging repairs and maintenance and otherwise keeping it clear of fallen trees, etc. For the latter, I know at least one rider that tends to carry all manner of small cutting utensils in his pack at all times. Now, he may have a smaller, lighter option will full size tree cutting power.

The Boreal21, from Agawa Canyon, is a regular size hack saw capable of cutting 6″ trees straight through that folds down to a thin, lightweight package that easily slips into your (large) hydration pack. See it folded in and out below…


In one quick motion, the 21″ blade swings and locks into place, providing plenty of stroke length and cutting power. Closed, the sharp bits are covered and kept safe. The frame is made of high strength extruded and anodized aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Weight is 500g.


The blades are replaceable and come in four flavors – All Purpose, Dry, Aggressive “Sydney Rancher II”, and Hunters blades. Retail is $65 to $69 depending on blade, available with yellow or green handles and black or clear anodized frames.


  1. Groghunter on

    FWIW, I’ve had nothing but bad luck with stamped steel blades, like you get on bow saws, Sven saws or this(which is a nicer copy of a Sven.) Corona makes folding versions of their pruning saws, & they’re revered among trailworkers for a reason. They also cost half what this does. Buyer beware.

  2. Michael on

    Nice looking saw. I’ve been using a Sven saw for a few years and it is excellent, and uses standard bow saw blades with basically zero moving parts, but the depth of cut is fairly limited due to the triangular design. if this is faster to deploy, and has a greater depth of cut, then I’d be interested in adding this to my garage.

  3. bsimon on

    I use a Sawvivor, which is a full rectangle, vs the Sven saw triangle. I can saw the sawvivor has better depth of cut & full use of blade vs. a sven saw; I expect the borealis would be similar, though slightly less than sawvivor. It fits in a large Revelate Tangle, with room to spare, for what its worth…

  4. satisFACTORYrider on

    with groghunter on this one. we abuse coronas almost every wknd and not a single problem. slips easy into any hydration. cheap af.

  5. Trail Dog on

    Check out the Silky Big Boy 2000 XL. Next step up from the folding coronas. 14″ blade, but folding and not limited by the frame so you can cut 10″+ if you need to. Crazy sharp, fits in a hydration pack.

  6. LaDeekus Christiansen on

    Looks very similar to a Bob Dustrude quick Buck Saw. BTW, the BDQBS is also available in 24″ and 30″ lengths.

  7. Groghunter on

    @Trail Dog Are they really as good as Coronas? I HATE being a brand snob, I never take things for granted just because of the name on the box, but I have to admit, those Corona saws are quite-mindboggling better than other saws that look almost exactly the same from Fiskars et. all. I’d hate to pay the significant premium that Silky commands & have it not perform as well. We actually use the fixed blade Coronas, as they aren’t really a problem to slip into a pack as long as you buy a scabbard.

  8. Trail Dog on

    No brand sobbery intended, I just really like mine. An arborist friend pointed me that way and I’m super happy with it. Been using the current blade for two seasons, it’s cut at least 50 trees >8″ diameter plus a lot of other pruning and smaller stuff and is still cutting very fast. Softwood around here so I use the XL teeth. They run about $50-60 on the internet. I know the coronas are great too, but when I was looking for a saw, I wanted something that folds but is also longer than the 10″ Coronas which are readily available. Maybe a Goldilocks problem, but for me 14″ vs 10″ makes a big difference in a saw I can carry every ride.

    I’ve definitely looked at those 18&21″ Corona fixed handle saws (especially the Raker saw!) but those might be more suitable for a day when you’re going out specifically to clear trail, at which point I usually bring a chainsaw.


  9. Groghunter on

    I meant my own brand snobbery towards Corona, though their products have earned it.
    agreed on length, we’re using the 14″ fixed blade saws, wouldn’t want anything shorter. I hadn’t looked at that raker saw, I might be getting one of those now though. Forest service doesn’t want us using chainsaws, so anything too big for the pruning saw gets hit with the misery whip. We actually have a couple nice crosscuts, they cut well, but they’re hell to drag through miles of back country, so something like that raker saw that would allow us to tackle larger logs while keeping the big saws at home would be welcome.

  10. AK_Ben on

    I have to agree with Trail Dog, the Silky saws are absolutely awesome. I have a Katana Boy model with the XL teeth, and it cuts like the proverbial hot knife through butter. Beats the hell out of a Sven Saw. In my experience, almost as fast as a chain saw, and a lot lighter, meaning you can get to where you are cutting a lot faster. I’ve cut through 12″+ deadfalls in less than 5 minutes. It’s for sure longer than the others, but flailing around with inferior saws is not my idea of an efficient use of my time.

  11. Freddy on

    LaDeekus Christiansen is right…I would go further and say they ripped off Bob Dustrude’s design, especially the tension method.

  12. Bnystrom on

    I have both the 14″ Silky Big Boy (XL) and the 10″ Corona. While the Silky is definitely faster and better suited to cutting larger trees due to it’s longer blade, the Corona cuts every bit as well and is certainly a tremendous value ($20 at Lowe’s). Both saws have held up well and fit easily in a typical hydration pack. I can’t recommend them highly enough. The one quibble that I have with the Silky is that I wish that it locked in the closed position.

    I recently made the mistake of buying a 10″ Fiskars folder, which is basically a saw-shaped paperweight. While it looks nice, it cuts slowly and binds constantly. Never again!


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