Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (2)

If you ask any true water bottle snob, the only ones worth carrying are those with a hands (or teeth) free spout similar to the Camelbak Podium or Specialized Purist Hydroflow bottles. Polar knew for some time that they needed to provide a similar option, but wanted it to follow their current business model of being made in the U.S. of domestically sourced parts.

After quite a bit of time in development, that nozzle is almost here with the Zip Stream…

Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (3)

Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (5) Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (6)

Still in prototype form, the Zip Stream nozzle will be a 4 way silicone self sealing design that is still easily removable and dishwasher safe. The nozzle will be able to be fully closed by pushing down, but when in the up position it will seal automatically. The bottles themselves will be offered in 20/24oz versions in 4 different styles for $14 or $15. Replacement caps will also be available for existing Polar bottles and will sell for $5-6. Both will be available sometime in 2016.

Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (7) Polar bottle sport cap zip stream (8)

The Zip Stream may be the big news, but Polar fans should also welcome the updates to the Sport cap. Now more durable and easier to both open and close as well as completely remove for cleaning, the caps are available now on all Polar bottles in 12/20/24oz sizes.



  1. MannyCalavera on

    Looks great. The valve was the main reason why I have stayed away from Polar bottles. The disassembly looks superior to the Camelbak, and small shops (like the one I work in) do not have to sign dealer agreements to carry the product!

  2. Francois on

    I use the Camelbak Podium, but if I put an effervescent tablet in it (like the Nuun tabs), the generated gas exits the bottle making a hissing sound, which I find extremely annoying.
    I’d be interested to know if that bottle has the same issue.

  3. Rixter on

    @Francois, I hear the same hissing too, but only while the bottle sits on the counter. Once I’m on the road I never hear anything.

  4. tonal57 on

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  5. Derrick on

    I have been using Polar bottles for some time now with Camelback tops, once I found they fit I I just went to Their site and bought extra tops. The design of this top looks like it will be easier to clean for sure, will try one out for sure.


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