reisel fender carbon sADDLE (4)

After initially wandering over to rie:sel’s booth at Eurobike to see if they had any wild new fender designs, we were caught a bit off guard by what we found. As a company that started with colorful fenders that attach to the bike with zip ties, rie:sel is making what seems to be a big leap into carbon components.

If you think about it though, the concept does make some sense. As fenders go, it doesn’t get much lighter than the 19g schlamm:PE. If you use that line of thought, a 94g saddle should fit right in…

riesel fender carbon sADDLE (8)

riesel fender carbon sADDLE (7) riesel fender carbon sADDLE (9)

Going a step further than just offering a carbon saddle, the stu:hl is rie:sel’s own design and is made in Germany. Meant for all types of riding, the full carbon saddle has no padding, only a flexible shell with graphics in the typical rie:sel style. The saddle does include a maximum rider weight of 90 kg, though. Saddle vitals include 267x132mm LxW, and 8x10mm oval rails.

riesel fender carbon sADDLE (1)

Offered in four different color options, the white above really sparkles in the sun. Available in about two months, the saddle will sell for €230.

Along the same lines as their collaboration with Continental, the packaging of the stu:hl well also include their new rear fender, which is similar to many others we’ve seen that clip in under the saddle. Rear rit:ze fenders will also be available separately in many designs for €9.95.

riesel carbon stem caps  (3)

riesel carbon stem caps  (1) riesel carbon stem caps  (2)

To go along with the carbon saddle, rie:sel was also showing the new dec:kel carbon headset top caps which will add a little style to your bike and only 5 g. Again made in Germany, top caps will include lightweight countersunk aluminum bolt for €19.95.


  1. Alain on

    Ventruck, Re4mer and this one are quite too expensive considering the weight, MCFK and C8-Sports are cheaper and lighter and still made in Germany/Switzerland.


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