German ultra premium carbon brand Lightweight has been putting out a new series of Weiss Ed wheels over the last year or so that includes pretty much their full clincher and tubular line-up. While it is essentially just the addition a durable high gloss clear finish and white spoke and hub accents, it does lend an even more striking look to their wheels that their customers have liked. So now they have expanded the flashy finish to their Urgestalt frameset. Jump past the break for a closer look…


The Urgestalt Weiss Ed (white edition) is a special edition of the standard Urgestalt that Lightweight sees as an exercise in integration. Although it does appear that this integration is more aesthetics than the systems integration we’ve seen recently from bike like those tackling the Ironman. The handmade-in-Germany Urgestalt is a sub-800g frame that Lightweight likes to say builds up into an all-day race bike.


Lightweigh_Urgestalt_special-white-edition_carbon-endurance-road-bike_Weiss-Ed-7 Lightweigh_Urgestalt_special-white-edition_carbon-endurance-road-bike_weiss-Ed-6


In any case, who are we to question Lightweight on looks? The Weiss Ed looks pretty and fast. We wouldn’t mind having a little more of their Fahrwerk in our lives.


  1. Really nice bike! Of course there will be jabs at the price etc, but if you put that aside this is a really nice frame. And the looks are amazing too imo.

    What I wonder about Lightweight is if and when will they release a wider rim? The Obermayer is still 20mm external no?

  2. Those of you that comment on the width of the these rims. Have you ever ridden them or the Reynolds RZR wheels which are only a little wider?

    They both ride amazingly well and are very very smooth and fast. And the only other wheels that you can even compare these and the Reynolds to are the Corima MCC Plus wheels.

    Yes they are narrow but they are also race wheels not your everyday wheels. Plus you are running a tubular which corner much better than any clinchers and I feel much more confident on a carbon tubular where a pinch flat is not even an option versus a wider clincher. Plus all of the wheels that I am mentioning have molded carbon spokes with full carbon hubs so it is very difficult to compare these wheels to traditional alloy spoked wheels.

  3. Error in the article. Urgestalt and Weiss counterpart are both manufacturers completely in China. The Weiss frame is a standard Urgetalt in which its paint is stripped by reisel design in Germany, then repainted.

    Same frame, no technical advancements.

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