Like riding? Like oval chainrings? Like telling your friends and anyone else that’ll listen how much you like riding with oval chainrings? Then Absoluteblack likes you.

The UK component brand is looking for “athletes, enthusiasts and bike bloggers who have many exciting rides planned, are influential within their local or regional cycling community and who have the ability to write, film or capture images along the way.”

They’re seeking riders from around the world. Apply here, and if you’re selected you’ll get logo’d apparel, discounted product (including a wide selection of
their latest oval rings
for cyclocross and road), access to custom colors and possibly even help them test new product before you even get to see it here on Bikerumor!


  1. I love my Absolute Black chainring, it’s a fantastic product but I really don’t like this idea. I like to be able to trust people’s opinion on forums and social media.

  2. @Hogdog –

    I agree. I always hate this idea, seems like low cost advertising to me, not true opinions on something someone decided to buy.

  3. If only there were some high profile cyclists riding oval chainrings. I’ve heard they come with really interesting stems that you can stare at for hours.

  4. Hi Marcin here @absoluteBlack

    @Hogdog , @FoolCyclist
    Reason for this program is to rise an awareness of benefits you get from our oval rings and how they work. Who ever ridden it knows how well they work and love them.

    Challenge is that we still see comments like “any oval=Biopace” whenever media posts about oval rings. We are 30 years after Biopace era and this kind of thinking is still strong among many riders.

    We want to change it and help people understand first before they discredit the idea from the start without even trying. It may be surprising but we get thousands of questions how ovals work, how come they can work on Singlespeed, how come they don’t damage clutch etc, etc. hence Ambassadors will help to answer all those questions and demonstrate how ovals work first hand in your local area. This is not marketing tool but educational program.

  5. Agreed…pretty much every cyclist has access to people riding free or wholesale stuff. Some of them aren’t happy about it either and they’re honest about it with people that know them.

    Personally, as someone that’s worked in the industry for a while. If I were to get picked for this program(I love oval rings but have only used Rotor rings so far, and briefly used an O-Symmetric), I’d be happy to let people ride my stuff. I’m a longtime lover of SEVEN bikes and can’t count how many people I’ve let ride my bike for significant distances…actually selling bikes from that, and even the Rotor Rings that were on my bike. Not everyone would do that but I think its smart as an ambassador…just make sure there’s no incentive to steal your gear;)

  6. @ Jimmy, I saw a bike profile that Ned Overend rides another brand of oval chain rings!

    I have them on all 3 of my bikes (2 road and 1 mtn) and swear by them!

  7. @absoluteblack Hi Marcin, there are plenty of people already out there spreading the word about just how good a product this is (including myself), if people start to think that every good word said about your product is done so by an ‘ambassador’ then you’ve really shot yourself in the foot.

    Ignore the biopace nonsense, anyone with any knowledge on the subject knows the deal and the critics will soon disappear… as long as you don’t give them ammunition 😉

  8. “ambassador program” –> To be ambassador is not comptatible with to be objective.
    “benefits you get from our oval rings” –> And the others rings ? Not objective principle…
    “This is not marketing tool” –> No, I’m agree ; but very close…
    “is looking for athletes, enthusiasts and bike bloggers ….. are influential within their local or regional cycling community” + “This is ….. educational program” –> Influence and educate, what strange association !

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