Makers of one of the first and most sought after direct drive trainers on the market, LeMond have just added a new track ends-compatible adapter to put your fixed-gear into their Revolution trainers. While at first it looked like an odd niche to satisfy (who would put their track bike or fixed-gear on a stationary trainer?), by bolting a track cog directly to the Revolution’s flywheel the ride character of fixed gear training is maintained, with the Revolution providing the same inertial feedback that training on a fixed gear is know for, with the added stability and security of a fixed trainer. Spin past the break to take a closer look..

LeMond_Revolution-direct-drive-trainer_Track-Adapter-Kit_installed-adapter LeMond_Revolution-direct-drive-trainer2

Lemond sees this as adding an entirely new experience in the stationary trainer field, and thinks that many current Revolution owners will benefit from adding fixed-gear dynamics to their training programs.

LeMond_Revolution-direct-drive-trainer_Track-Adapter-Kit_chainline LeMond_Revolution-direct-drive-trainer_Track-Adapter-Kit_quick-release

The Track kit sets up for 120mm track spacing and includes the bolt on fixed hub adapter, cog spacers, and lockring, but does not include a track cog. LeMond opts for an internal cam quick release interface that they say will provide sufficient clamping force and speed up setup on the trainer, although from the look of it a typical threaded axle may be able to be used as well, since it the kit attaches to the standard trainer’s axle with the included spacers.


The new Track Adapter Kit is a $204 accessory for the LeMond Revolution 1.0 and 1.1 trainer that allows installation of a fixed gear bicycle into any the direct drive Revolution (for some reason more than double the cost of a freehub and cassette body upgrade.) The adapter kit bolts directly onto the Revolution’s flywheel in place of the standard freehub+cassette body in just a few minutes. They are available now direct from LeMond.



  1. I’m trying to wrap my head around the logistics/mechanicals. Would this require breaking the chain every time you wanted to switch trainer bikes or take the fixie out on the road? If so, then it seems like a pretty big commitment, no?

  2. @Timbo – No, breaking the chain will not be needed. Looks like its as simple as swapping a standard track wheel

    I like seeing the love for the track community, but over 200 bills for the adapter…!?!?!?

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