French wheel maker Mavic has just introduced a series of Limited Edition wheelsets from three of their popular aluminum Endurance Road range wheels. Only a cosmetic upgrade, the special finish wheel and tire combos each add a new color to the standard line-up for the R-SYS SLR, the Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL, and the Ksyrium Pro. Roll across the fold for a closer look at the special edition wheels…


First, the R-SYS SLR will be available for a limited time with a very Mavic yellow graphic scheme with a single yellow carbon spoke and nipple at the valve hole for each wheel. The R-SYS SLR is built with Tracomp carbon spokes, ISM 4D rim machining, and an Exalith braking surface. At just 1295g it is Mavic’s lightest, most responsive alloy wheel, and retails for a cool 1800€.


The next setup, the Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL, also gets a similar signature yellow rim and spoke finish. These wheels combine rear driveside carbon Tracomp spokes with aero Zircal spokes for the rest, more of Mavic’s 4D rim machining, and the Exalith braking surface. At 1400€ the Ksyrium Pro Exalith SL wheels still weigh just 1355g.


The most affordable of the bunch, the Ksyrium Pro, gets a red option since its standard version is already similar to the yellow versions of the more expensive wheels. For 2016 the Ksyrium Pro gets a 2mm wider rim profile, bringing it in line with Mavic’s higher end wheels for a 17mm internal width. It also utilizes the the same ISM 4D rim machining to keep weight down, and gets bladed Zicral spokes throughout. At 900€ and 1475g, Mavic sees it as their ideal year-round wheel for all types of road riding, racing, and training.

Each of the Limited Edition wheelsets come with matching Yksion Pro tire sets (and tubes) in either 23 or 25mm versions. The 127tpi tires weigh just 205g a piece for the 25s and use a Griplink front tire with Kevlar puncture protection and a tread pattern designed to displace water when cornering, and a rear Powerlink tire with more supple nylon protection for lower rolling resistance and increased speed and comfort. Reatil pricing is the same as the standard finish wheelsets, but Mavic advises to get in touch with a dealer soon to get these while they last.


  1. I like bling, but this is kind of half way between “hey look at me” and “something looks strange on that bike that just went by???” Halfway pregnant, kissing your sister, etc . . . I give them a C+

  2. Those R-Sys SLR wheels have an amazing feel and they look really cool live. I’ve had the opportunity to try out the standard version a while ago. But that feeling has a price tag. I must also say I hate how narrow rims Mavic is making across the line, they’re several years behind the rest..

  3. I agree that Mavic seems a little stuck and I’m not sure that this kind of packaged marketing is the best way to sidestep real innovation – which is where they seem to be behind… stubbornly so. I’m also not sure people like the idea that the tire and wheel have to work as a set. It is a marketplace of choice and Mavic is going to wrong direction.

  4. I haven’t been paying attention to aluminum wheel weights in quite a while, but 1355g for the Ksyrium pro seems pretty light for basically machining away yet more aluminum on what is a 10-15 year old design at this point. I’m guessing the weight is why they don’t make the rims wider.

  5. That Ksyrium Pro looks suspiciously similar to my 2007 Ksyerium ES wheelset. Same claimed weight too.

    I can’t complain too much, its been a good wheelset; sturdy and competitively light with aluminum wheels on the market today. Just sayin’

  6. I like my mavic wheels. I want them to be wider than they are.
    After riding their tires, Mavic really should get out of that market. The Mavic tires have decent puncture resistance, but they are just too skinny and they don’t roll fast.They would be smarter to partner with another tire company, like Michelin (because French).

  7. The problem is the price, for decades old technology. They were amazing wheels in 2001 but come on Mavic , yellow spoke , red spoke zzzzzzzzzz….. Wide rims and price reduction and people will buy them… Agree with others, tires are complete trash and nobody wants them . unless maybe if they are free, nah never mind save the rubber.

  8. Converting the 1800 Euro price to America Bucks, I didn’t realize how far the Euro has fallen! Still too much tho…

    And what’s the deal with one or a few colored spokes now? That’s like the latest cool kids thing to have on your bike…wheels with a colored spoke.

  9. Nice add. I am one of the few that likes mavic wheels. Please look into your hub design. The criticism is deserved. (deleted).

  10. Their latest tires are decent. They are even almost true to width!
    The 2015 and earlier ones, notsomuch.
    I understand their reasoning behind not going wide on rims (ETRTO adherence), but especially since they’re packaging their wheels with their own tires, they should be able to side step those old, overly-cautious rules.

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