Oto cycles RaceR, pair

If you’re an E-cyclist and fan of retro motorcycles, you’re probably already drooling on your keyboard over Oto Cycle’s new RaceR E-bike. Inspired by the original café racer motorcycles of the 1950’s, Barcelona’s Oto Cycles adds the RaceR to their line of awesome-looking, hand-made electric bikes.

Last year Bikerumor checked out out some of Oto Cycles’ earlier moto-styled models including the OtoR and OtoK, which have also seen some aesthetic and functional updates. Read on for the details, and of course more photos of these rolling pieces of eye-candy…

Oto cycles RaceR e-bike, side

The new RaceR is constructed from steel and chromoly tubing, and with its lengthy custom frame the bike measures 205cm (81”) front to rear. Some noteworthy components include a Brooks England B67 banana-style saddle, front and rear mechanical disc brakes, and integrated head and tail lights. The bike’s electronics are well concealed inside the fake fuel tank and battery bag under the seat. The RaceR rolls on Felt’s Thick Brick 24×3.0” tires.

Oto cycles RaceR e-bike, front Oto cycles RaceR e-bike, rear

In stock trim, the RaceR is equipped with a 250w, 36V geared rear hub motor powered by an 11Ah Lion Samsung battery. The motor produces 32nm of torque and can bring the bike to a maximum speed of 15.5mph. Using the pedal-assist modes, it’ll cover up to 43 miles on a charge. Customers do have the option of adding a more powerful motor that produces 500w and 36V, which increases the bike’s maximum speed to 22mph.

The RaceR uses a centrally mounted LCD display that shows five levels of power assist, which includes a full-throttle mode. The complete bike weighs 61.7lbs, and there is a weight limit of 265lbs for the rider.

Oto cycles RaceR e-bike, row of bikes

Oto Cycles offers some options for customizing your RaceR with different tires and grip colors, plus you can accessorize even further with their line of custom cargo and tool bags. The RaceR will be available sometime this fall, but interested North Americans will have to search abroad- Oto’s bikes are currently available across Europe, and in Asia and Australia (but the company is seeking to expand further).

Oto cycles 2015 OtoR e-bike

Oto cycles 2015 OtoK e-bike

Oto Cycles’ existing OtoR and OtoK models have both also been redesigned, and feature new upgrades including bigger front lights, adjustable saddles, and battery bags made from recycled inner tubes. Seen above are the newly styled OtoR (top) and OtoK (bottom). Check out Oto Cycle’s website for more info on their eye-popping retro moto E-bikes.



  1. Nathan on

    Cheese: You should go create your own site with only the need you want to read. I’m sure you’d have a big following. That or just don’t click on the stories you don’t like. Example: I don’t care about road bikes, I don’t read the road bike articles.

  2. TheFunkyMonkey on

    Another day, another… Oh nevermind. I could just skip it but the comments section on these articles is too fun. Not Pinkbike kind of fun but wadded up lycra kind of fun. Most of the hipsters I see riding their actual cafe racers would be much better off on one of these. There – my first endorsement of an ebike. Lesser of two evils in this case…

  3. Rocky Gardeno on

    cool looking but they appear to be lower back breakers if you are supposed to keep your hands on the bars and feet on the pedals

  4. Derek on

    I want to see one with a person actually on it. It looks like it would be super uncomfortable to try to pedal. It’s like a 45 degree seat tube angle.

  5. greasedupdeafguy on

    an E-bike would be the only way i’d ride a bike with that kind of geometry, yikes. that being said, i’d ride the hell out of the orange tank knobby tire one second from the bottom. buy? probably not.


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