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If you’re going to buy the “world’s fastest chain”, you’re going to want to use the fastest lube, right? Ceramic Speed and Squirt are teaming up to make it easier to prolong the UFO chain’s optimization for race days.

Spin past the break and see how, and for how long, all of this works….

1.CeramicSpeed Squirt Lube UFO

Back in May we covered the announcement of CeramicSpeed, well known for their high speed long lasting ceramic bearings, acquiring “UltraFast Optimization” (UFO), from Friction Facts, an independent testing lab in Boulder, CO. The UFO chain is a standard top-shelf chain from Sram, Campagnolo, KMC or Shimano that has been “Optimized”. To Optimize a chain, they first  break it in & clean it, apply their wax coating, and finish it off with a coating of Teflon powder. This “Optimization” is said to decrease enough drivetrain friction to allow an additional 2 – 5 watts to make it from your foot to the rear wheel, (which is significant during a long race considering how close top contenders’ fitness levels are). The maximum performance from the optimization treatment is said to last about 200 miles and is to only be used in dry conditions due to the wet and grimy conditions wearing off the treatment.

After testing numerous lubes, the Friction Facts Lab determined that Squirt’s wax-based lube was the fastest drip lube and are now including a 15ml bottle of Squirt lube with every chain. Once the 200 miles of “maximum performance” wears off, CeramicSpeed says that by adding the Squirt Lube to the UFO chain, the traces of optimization left on the chain are stimulated even further, resulting in an upgraded and high-quality training chain. The chain itself then wears out just like any run of the mill un-optimized chain. Depending on which chain, the UFO chains will retail $129 to $165 (€115 to €149).



  1. With this price, UFO chains are probably meant to be used only by aliens.

    (Though if I remember correctly, Mr. E.T. was involved in setting the world altitude record for a bike without even modifying the chain).

  2. Hmmm…as I recall Rock-n-roll lube was fastest. Squirt wasnt’ even tested, perhaps in a subsequent review.

    While hype is hype, friction facts does some great work. I’ll take 5 free watts anyday and spend the few minutes before a race to get it it. However a you get can “race-prep” savings without silly $’s with just a very good cleaning/lube process… Spend $60 at harbor freights on a cheapo ultrasound cleaner, 2 4 min cycles later n simple grean, wipe a chain to better than new, put rock-n-roll on and get the benefits. Even better do it with a sram 1051 chain which nearly tied the durace….


  3. @don – In the second test, Squirt was the fastest lube tested. I think it’s fallen behind on their third test, but don’t quote me on that.

  4. @bbb – fastest lube was paraffin, but that is not a drip wax, thus Squirt having the designation as fastest drip lube. The basis of the UFO treatment is a clean room style application of the paraffin was to get maximum benefit and top coated with teflon to protect the wax until installation and use.

    There are enough people chasing marginal gains that this is worth while, some people like to do it on their own to save a few $$ but either way you can not argue with the science. Less drive train drag = more energy to the ground.

    And there seem to be just as many trolls born per minute as suckers…..

  5. How does the squirt lube compare to the muc-off hydrodynamic lube? I thought this was the fastest commercially available? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate lube to use with the UFO chain for performance?

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