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Fat just isn’t fat enough? Then it’s time to check out the Snowshoe 2XL fat bike tire from Vee Tire Co. At a listed 5.05″ width and measuring 5.1″ at Reeb World headquarters, the tire is the biggest, baddest fat bike option you can get your hands on at the moment.

The only problem? The tire is so big that it won’t fit in most current frames.

There have been a few custom and semi-custom outfits to build bikes that could handle the 2XL, but up until now, a production bike seemed to be missing. Enter the new and improved Reeb Donkadonk. Claimed to be one of the first production frames that is 5″+ compatible, the new Donkadonk builds on the Reeb pedigree with ABT tubing and American made, beer culture inspired radness…

reeb donkadonk 190 2xl fat bike (3)reeb donkadonk 190 2xl fat bike (4)

Of course, the biggest news (literally) with the new Donkadonk is the addition of a 190mm spaced rear end that is sized to clear the Vee Tire Co. 2XL tire. To be offered along side the 170mm (and 177×12) dropout frame meant for 4″ tires, the 190 version will accept 190mm QR wheels or 197×12 thru axle wheels with replaceable sliding dropout inserts from Paragon Machine Works. The sliders keep the frame single speed, belt drive (split seat stay), and Rohloff compatible.

Tire clearance for the 5.1″ tire is measured on a 100mm Surly Clownshoe rim for maximum flotation.

reeb donkadonk 190 2xl fat bike (2)

reeb fat bike frame colors reeb donkadonk 190 2xl fat bike (1)

Built using their proprietary ABT tubeset for the front triangle, ReebDonkadonks come to life in True Temper OX Platinum tubing welded in Colorado with 44mm head tubes, the first American Made 31.6mm seat tube to allow for dropper posts, and 100mm BSA bottom brackets for the 170mm frame and 120mm BSA bottom brackets for the 190mm frames. Both frames are available in six in house powercoat colors shown above.


The geometry is the same between the two frame options with the only differences being rear spacing, tire clearance, and BB width. Frame pricing starts at $1600 for steel or $3200 for Ti with complete builds offered in the SFP for $4800 as the only option initially. Frame are available now and powder coated to order for lead times of less than a week.


  1. even with a 190mm rear, and let’s say they run with Race Face cranks with a 222mm Q factor, I want to know how they get the chain past the tyre on a 100mm rim and maintain anything remotely resembling a functioning chainline.

  2. With a 144/150mm Q factor on my bikes, I don’t think my hips and knees could take another 2.7 inches width. :O

    Sorry guys, I’m out. ;,-(

  3. At what point does just making a “dualie” like pickup trucks make more sense? Attach extra wheelset to axle with enough spacing to accommodate the chain and frame.

  4. @Fat Boy – using the RaceFace Cinch 222mm Q-factor cranks, the chainline is appropriate for a 190mm rear end. The chain has plenty of room with the the 2XL tire with the chain on the biggest cassette cog. Our actual chainline on the RaceFace Turbine Cinch cranks measures out at 76.5mm with a single ring. We don’t spec any of our bikes with multi ring cranks.

    @Gunnstein – Rohloff compatibility is limited right now to our 170mm frames. The 190mm frames will be Rohloff compatible when the 190mm adapter set for Rohloff is widely available (it does exist).

  5. I’m all for this direction in fat biking. More float and traction. The “Q” factor is not any wider than current 4.5″ tires that we ride right now. The gain in tire performance is big. The change in running gear is none.

    With a bud/Lou tire combo I can almost ride most conditions. This will put us right where the rider is the limiting factor like on dirt.

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