We recently saw Basso Bikes in Vegas with several new models including the new Konos Tri bike, Fast Cross Disc with front & rear thru-axles and two entry level build carbon bikes. Based in Dueville Italy, just North of Vicenza, 10km from Campagnolo’s headquarters, Basso Bikes is a passionate, family owned bicycle company still run by company founder Alcide Basso who started Basso bikes out of his garage in 1974.

After viewing the video, roll past the break for step back in time for some pretty cool facts about the Basso family’s deep roots in cycling of which led to the creation of Basso Bikes…..

Vintage Basso 1

Photo c. Basso

Published back in 1992, The Story of a Long Race delves more into Basso Bikes’ roots back when steel still ruled the road. Alcide Basso was well respected by famed builder Sante Pogliaghi who was a highly sought after frame builder by Olympic track and road racers before the iconic “builder for the pros” Dario Pegoretti was around. Prior to that, according to classicrendezvous.com, Alcide got his start by wrenching for his older brother Marino Basso, multiple Giro de Italia & Tour de France stage winner and 1972’s World Cycling Champion, to eventually start building his own frames out of his parents’ garage.



  1. Burton on

    I have a Basso Gap (steel). Basso understands road geometry like few other builders. If I were in the market for another bike, I’d buy a Basso again in a heartbeat.

  2. javier Bassi on

    Hi Basso Bikes.
    My original last name is Basso like the bikes.I am living in Doral Florida and I am part of Doral Cycling Club ,we ride all the weekends .Im interested in the Basso uniform,could you give me information about where and what cost?

    Thanks .

    Javier Bassi.


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