Wahoo RFLKT cycling computer monitor now gets call and text alerts

Taking technology advances picked up from their amazing new ELEMNT GPS cycling computer, Wahoo Fitness has revamped the firmware on their RFLKT models to improve battery life and give the screens a quicker refresh and update time.

On top of those backend improvements, both the RFLKT and RFLKT+ are now able to display phone call and text alerts on screen. The device, which serves as a display to “reflect” the data coming from your smartphone, was already paired to your phone anyway. When not telling you who’s trying to interrupt your ride, the screen shows off data from their own app, MapMyRide, Strava and other third party apps. The info can even show your Strava Segment progress and let you know if you’re the new QOM/KOM in town (or if you need to keep trying). All updates are free and available now from Wahoo and even change up the screen to make it more readable.


  1. Memphis Cyclist on

    Why? Why do you need text alerts and call alerts while riding? I ride to get away from those things. Nothing is that important that it can’t wait.

    If I really need to be reached they can call my phone twice. My family knows to do that. Ringer is loud enough to hear it and vibrate mode is on. If it rings back to back i stop and take the call.


  2. Duane on

    This was a hot feature request and I’m glad they have it done. You can disable the notifications easily but it is a handy feature. The range is pretty easy on this. You just put your phone in the jersey pocket and it picks up on it fine. I’ve been using a Rflkt+ for over two years and it works out great.

  3. Andrew on

    @Memphis Cyclist

    Here’s a crazy idea: Don’t install the firmware.

    I’m stoked with this upgrade. It now means I can see who’s trying to get in touch without reaching for the back pocket.

  4. Travis on


    Some of us ride when we aren’t “supposed to”… AKA on the clock. Gotta know when the boss man is calling or if it is just another bill collector to send to voicemail.

  5. Dan on

    Anybody tried the RFLKT with an Androidphone lately? I used it for the first half of this year and even joined the beta tester group, but in June they stopped the development of the android app. At that time it all felt half baked. So I reverted to my hassle free Navi2Coach.

  6. David on

    Similar to Travis, I’m on-call for work 25% of the time. I have to look at every single email to make sure that it’s not something I have to respond to. That’s why I was looking at the ELEMENT, to see email with out having to pull over mid-ride. At least with this, I’ll be able to see phone/text. Perhaps I’ll give the RFLKT+ a bit more life and hopefully it will stop chewing through batteries.

  7. Wahoo Murray on

    Hi David, Give our support a buzz and they should get you running. 2 Quick things you can try.
    – Removed RFLKT+ from the iPhone’s BT setttings.
    – Hold down the top 2 buttons on RFLKT for about 10 seconds, this will reset it

  8. Ben on

    The update worked for about 10 minutes on mine, now my RFLKT+ unit is bricked as well.. Keep just shutting down at the “Open App” screen as soon as I Launch any compatable app from my iPhone.
    Even after I put new battery in, reset the unit.

  9. Ben on

    Fixed it!
    Just had to remove the RFLKT+ from the iPhone/Settings/Bluetooth/MY DEVICES. List

    Then then repaired with the RFLKT+ successfully.

  10. Theo on

    Same here. Update worked for about 10 minutes and then the RFLKT+ gave me a low battery error. I checked the battery voltage and it was over 3v. I reset the unit and now it says “Open app…” or “Connecting…” I have the Wahoo Fitness app open on my iPhone and occasionally it shows a connection to the RFLKT+ but nothing else happens. The RFLKT+ continues to say “Opening app” or “connecting” and eventually turns off. Sometimes it gives me the low battery error.

    RFLKT was working fine before the update. I tried resetting it and removing it from my iPhone Bluetooth devices list, but now my iPhone wont connect to it. The first few times it saw the RFLKT in discoverable devices but gave me errors when trying to pair. Now it can’t even see the RFLKT. It’s a brick now.

  11. Ed on

    Ben’s fix also fixed mine. Go to your bluetooth settings and have the phone “forget this device” for the RFLKT. Then re-pair through wahoo fitness app and good to go.

  12. David on

    After I paired it on my iPhone, it automatically upgraded my firmware. After the FW upgrade, my unit is bricked. Keeps showing “low battery” error. There’s nothing listed in my BT settings so I can’t even pair/unpair now.

  13. Matt Zoc on

    i have been using the RFLKT+ for a few months now and after the connection issues have been sorted out it’s a great device.
    can anyone tell me how to get strava segment notifications to popup?????


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