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Later this evening as the American masses gather in front of the TV to digest massive meals and watch the Green Bay Packers host the Chicago Bears, the Packers will have a special ceremony to retire the number of Brett Favre. For those who don’t follow the sportsball, Favre was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time who spent most of his playing years with Green Bay.

Ignoring the brief stint at the end of his career with the NY Jets and the Minnesota Vikings, Farve’s history in Wisconsin is certainly worthy of the Packers’ move to retire his number. It’s also apparently a perfect opportunity for another Wisconsin legend to present him with a custom Project One Madone…

Trek Bikes Brett Favre custom project one madone12274332_10153962437653296_4394357961000842019_n

All photos c. Trek

Overall, the bike Trek put together is fairly subdued, but we like the fact that it isn’t some in your face, green and gold replica helmet.

Trek Bikes Brett Favre custom project one madone12313541_10153962437203296_3067813365060982305_n Trek Bikes Brett Favre custom project one madone12274405_10153962437283296_2532052413773235418_n

There are plenty of custom touches to let you know who owns this particular bike, including stripes on the seat stays which match with all of the team colors he played for over the years. Of course, “The Gunslinger” had to be on there somewhere.

Trek Bikes Brett Favre custom project one madone12246671_10153962437593296_5720421597592794854_n Trek Bikes Brett Favre custom project one madone11251163_10153962437418296_4026840699428548156_n

Surely to the delight of employees at Trek’s Waterloo Headquarters, Brett looks to have gotten a full tour of where his bike was made as well as a full Trek Precision Fit.



  1. Ol' Shel' on

    46 years and how many sacks probably should be factored into saddle-to-bar drop.

    Maybe they nailed it, but too many fitters are racers. The industry hasn’t really responded to the needs of the casual, older, and banged up ex-QB riders.

  2. Veganpotter on

    Ol’ Shel’… does that look like an aggressive fit to you? Not long ago, he could handle being tackled by 300lb behemoths and could throw a pass 30 seconds later. Hopefully the bike just fits. I agree, Ultegra is going cheap

  3. Ventruck on

    Came in to echo “Ultegra?” albeit Di2.

    On a limb I assume it could’ve been for color coordination, but it’s Brett Favre: former franchise face of the Green Bay (read that as “Wisconsin”) Packers – with a Superbowl and some MVPs to go with it…and they gave him Ultegra.

  4. PBJoe on

    Am I the only one who would choose Ultegra Di2 over Dura Ace (Mech and Di2)?

    I mean I get DA is lighter, and it’s not like Favre can’t afford the more expensive parts when comes to replacement, but it’s not a huge downgrade in performance.

    The guy does sprint triathlons, not Le Tour.

  5. cheffdog on

    I further echo the vote for Ultegra. It is bomb-proof and although the weight is a bit more, it looks a million times better than Dura Ace. I pulled the DA mech off my 2016 TCR and swapped it for Di2 Ultegra. It shifts better and on the blacked out frame of the Advanced Pro 0 it looks a million times better.

  6. BEERTECH on

    I have both 6870 and 9070 on my bikes. Each functions exactly the same; no discernable difference once I’m on the bike. However, I disagree, the DA looks so much better.

    I do agree that I’d fully expect DA on this bike though. Ultegra makes a ton of sense for racers paying for their own gear as it takes the cake for bang for the buck. But if its a special custom bike DA just makes sense.

  7. Bz on

    Why give a millionaire ball player anything? Why not Bikes a Belong? Why not World Bicycle Relif.
    Trek does donate,but this is a huge anti charity.
    Public display of crap…..
    I bet Brett can even shred….

  8. Tyler on

    Why is everyone mad at trek for this gift? This man played his butt off in Wisconsin, Treks home state. Him playing in greenbay did all sorts of good for that town and state. This a thank you and an acknowledgment of his success in the NFL. Get off your high horses and check your PC at keyboard.

  9. Ventruck on

    @Tyler: For “playing his butt off in Wisconsin”, you’d think they’d just go all the way with DA. No one’s saying the bike being a gift in general was a bad thing.

    If some plain middle-class guy can afford to get DA on his bike, I’m pretty sure it’s not a reach for Trek to give it to Brett-freaking-Favre who deserves it for being a Wisconsin hero.

  10. arf on

    Favre doesn’t pay for his jeans either but he sure sells them. How many football fans have now seen their hero on a Trek bicycle?

  11. Douglas on

    It’s the same way I felt when Cannondale gave Madonna their top of the line bike for it’s time. In the same way that the big stars get these gifts, the same should go for someone who’s a life long fan or contributed for the brand. I look at myself being a serious rider, but yet all I can afford is entry-level. And they go out of the way to charge a lot for what I need


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