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We saw the new Ultimate 29” racing the XC World Cups this year under the BH-Suntour-KMC team, getting on the podium a few times. But now that the carbon cross country bike’s race testing is done, it’s ready to make the jump from the pro circuit to a bike you can actually buy. The new bike is a part of the industry move to longer, slacker, lower setups that aim to improve descending capability while keeping the quick handling of a proper race bike. Take a closer look at the details of the bike that is available now, as well as a video of the bike hitting the trail below…

The new BH race hardtail will hit bike shops (or ship direct to customers in 10 countries across Europe) with its fully-revamped geometry, updated in ties with BH’s enduro riders and testing for better descending in XC riding too. The new bike’s reach grows 15mm and its headtube angle goes to 68.5º, and the same time holding the short 430mm chainstays for quick acceleration.

BH-Ultimate-29er-9-9_drivetrain BH-Ultimate-29er-9-9_headtube

The new frame gets a boost in construction too, taking over the molding and lay-up methods from BH’s top-end road bikes. The result is frame weight under a kilo (~950g for a medium) that can still take trail riding abuse.

BH-Ultimate-29er-9-9_rear-end BH-Ultimate-29er-9-9_bottom-bracket BH-Ultimate-29er-9-9_under-bb

Flattened stays keep the rear end smooth, and a PF92 bottom bracket and 142x12mm rear-end  keeps the drivetrain stiff. As we showed at Eurobike, there is a lot of flexibility built-in, with 1x, 2x & electronic drive compatibility, a secure internal battery solution, plus internal or external dropper post routing.


  1. Very sharp-looking bike. It could easily lose a pound or so by ditching that RS1.
    Every time I see an RS1 spec’ed on a bike, I believe more that the RS1 came about to blend in with the lines of high end carbon bikes; it certainly does not exist for any good engineering reason.

  2. Awesome bike thanks for a good write and not some enduro bike again. Love the xc racing bikes but have agree with the rs1 fork not that good. Personally I love Dt Swiss forks they are the stiffest and the best.

  3. @chris- let’s say what you say is true, and that a pound lighter fork is just as flexy. In that case, you still come out ahead: your fork flexes just as much- but you lost half a pound, spent less money (RS1s retail for 1865USD), and now have a front wheel that can be switched to other forks.

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