Ass Savers Roses

Tired of catching a woft of those menthol fumes coming off your riding partners’….. um, bum? Well, today is your lucky day! The development team at Ass Savers partnered up with Buckler Skincare in Tallahassee, Florida to save us from those eye-watering skin lubricants.

Chamois past the break for a different take on what goes in your shorts….

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From Ass Savers:

Through meticulous sniffing and cheek rubbing, we’ve come up with not only one but two winning chamois cream formulas to keep your machinery lubed up for miles.

Choose between Banana or Rose fragrance. Both creams are hand crafted from carefully selected natural ingredients to help prevent chafing and keep your butts happy. Among the high quality ingredients are soothing cocoa butter, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory calendula and grapeseed oils, and essential oils.

Limited quantities available so order quickly! Order by Monday the 14th to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.


  1. @Pit,
    Seriously!? You go through 3/4 of a tub of Assos per week!? You’ve got some serious chaff-age going on!

    i looked up in our system to see who buys the most and you beat them by four times!

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