We’ve already seen that 2016 will be the last year for Rapha to be clothing Team Sky, as they move on to a new partnership developing top-level kit for the women’s side of the professional peloton with Canyon-SRAM. But they aren’t going quietly from Sky, and have a revamped kit for the new year that looks to take design cues from Rapha’s Brevet styling to add a bit more visibility for the team out on the road. Apparently there is a good bit of new fabric tech in store as well, with the new team issue Aero Jersey a major change from Rapha’s current version. Take a closer look after the break…

Rapha_Team-Sky_2016_pro-team-kit_Aero-Jersey_front Rapha_Team-Sky_2016_pro-team-kit_Aero-Jersey_back

Another prominent update, the new kit also uses a slightly lighter and brighter blue color, that again looks a bit more like what we have already been seeing in the winter Sky training kit that Rapha debuted this fall. The released images of the new team issue Aero Jersey is a big departure from the current Pro Team version. This new version ditches the raglan sleeve for a set-in style and make the entire sleeve out of an open mesh. The back also gets an update with more traditional pockets in a slanted configuration for easier access in a tuck.

Rapha_Team-Sky_2016_pro-team-kit_kit Rapha_Team-Sky_2016_pro-team-kit_national-champion

The team issue Pro Team Jerseys look to have a few tech tweaks as well, also going with the set-in sleeve design, and getting a simpler construction without a side panel. Both moves suggest a switch to more flexible or form-fitting fabrics in the new kit. The word is that the new Sky fabric and detailing updates are on their way to trickle into the standard Pro Team line-up soon as well, possibly in time for customers racing in the spring too.

Even with several detail updates, the new kit carries over a similar clean and simple design aesthetic which does make Sky stand out in the peloton. And that subtle look will probably help Rapha sell a lot of replica gear to fans, as a whole range is expected to go live on their website anytime now to gear up for a new race season.



  1. @Myke true, but not placed like this in the same order as the national jersies. Now it is the Estonian flag! To me that is a fail! Correct on prices though.

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