Merckx 1974 2

I usually post a series of interesting videos on Sunday for some quick gratifying entertainment, but every so often I stumble on a gem like the Sveness edit I posted recently that deserves its own spotlight during the week. This one, is one of those gems, and given the length of it, this is a perfect Sunday treat to enjoy while you continue to ignore the fact tomorrow is Monday and you actually have time to watch it since the kids haven’t grown bored with their holiday loot yet.

If you’re not familiar with who Eddy Merckx, “The Cannibal” is, remove your goggles &  dust off your baggies for a history lesson in this well done documentary that follows the all-time most winningest cyclist in history through some of his biggest races, training, and life at home with his family.

Tell them you’ll take the tree down tomorrow then click past the break for all that is Merckx…..

My favorite quote from the movie:

They always say cakes are bad for cyclist…… But it’s not the cakes, it’s the climbs that are bad for you“….

– Eddy Merckx


  1. The funny thing about that era is that when you got busted for PED’s you could just give an interview from your hotel bed crying like a baby then they’d leave you alone. Different story today.

  2. Do you really think the PEDs Merckx may ( 😉 ) have used compare to the systematic and sophisticated doping that happened much more recently?

    Yes, cheating is cheating, but there are certainly degrees.

    Merckx is revered more for his feats on the bike, as much as his dominance.

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