Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-3684

Hope has made a strong name for themselves by combining function, strength, and jaw-dropping mechanical beauty into each one of their products. To add to it, they threw an equally amazing *traction challenging* edit together of Hope rider Adam Brayton pushing the limits in Every. Single. Turn.

Check out Adam’s ballsy high speed run then a couple of fantastic shorts of Hope’s Pro 4 Hubs in production at their home based factory in the UK.

Hope Pro 4: Adam Brayton RAW – Though the hubs and brakes are important, Adam also illustrates how important good tires and…  oh, raw talent laced with little to no fear are as well.

We saw the new Hope Pro 4 Hubs this past September, and Hope put together some really nice short clips of the hub’s production process as well as a full history of the hub’s evolution. Check out the full tour above, then then the two shorts below.

Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-2838 Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-2846

Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-2937 Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-2953

Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-3013 Hope HOPE_Factory_Hub-3539



  1. igni on

    This is… FAST !

    And the video is great, it doesn’t have stupid music and all the effects that they put nowadays, which drives me crazy.

    Only pure passion.

    • Ryan S on

      I would love a shoot-out between these two. I’m a CK guy, but some of my peers are Hope guys. It seems our preferences for quiet or loud hubs lead us to one or the other.

  2. Fergus on

    Have had my hope hubs for a while, very satisfied with the bearing and sealing quality. Not sure what the comparison would be against a CK hub apart from price.

    • Ryan S on

      I would love a shoot-out between these two. I’m a CK guy, but some of my peers are Hope guys. It seems our preferences for quiet or loud hubs lead us to one or the other.

  3. Bob on

    Interesting to see what it takes to make a hub. I have been really happy with the performance of my rear PRO 2 EVO, much better than the rear hub that came with the wheels I had.

  4. Eric on

    I was going to say “Chris King comment in 3….2…..1….” But, damnit, someone mentioned King already. Wait for the countdown people!

    Videos make me want to go build some Hope hoops!

  5. bearCol on

    Man that dude is smooth! I’m not a fan of loud hubs. I would love to see that vid with a onyx racing hub which is completely silent.Tires ripping dirt and wind would make a great soundtrack!

    • N on

      I think the price tag on the Onyx hubs pretty much keeps them exclusive. They’re more than twice the weight of a Hope Evo 2 Boost hub, and more than twice the price. I just can’t justify an extra half pound of rolling/suspended weight and $250 increase in price just to have quiet on the trails. I’ve got an old set of Easton wheels I picked up on clearance for the days when all I want to hear is the wind.

  6. Eric Hansen on

    I love my Hope headsets, but I always chuckle at the ‘Made in Britain’ness of them. The IT Crowd has tainted me forever.

  7. Veganpotter on

    I’ve owned 3 Hope hubsets and 2 Kings. One Hope set has 40,000+ miles on them…last 5,000 with a filed down hub to rit an 11 speed cassette on. Only maintained by yearly greasing and ONE bearing replacement (the freehub has original bearings and purrs).

    Kings? I had to tighten them every 200 miles and gave up at 10,000 or so. I idiotically gave them a second chance. They were minimally better. I bought a Hope set and after a month I ordered another set and dumped the Kings for good. Working in a shop, you see Kings often for the same problem considering there are relatively few people running King hubs.
    Also, that sound we all love is your hub eating your speed

    • Veganpotter on

      Really? King bearings last a really long time IF you stop on the side of the road to tighten your hubs over an over again(I question calling the durable if you always have to adjust them). I got 25,000miles on my first set of Hope bearings(front and back). I honestly only changed the front bearing because I was changing the back. Even with slightly gritty bearings after 25,000miles, they rolled better/faster/longer than my Kings ever did.
      Sure you aren’t talking about headsets?

  8. APM on

    Hope have so many quality issues, plenty of marketing and flashy anodizing but not much Q/C going on. Bearing life of 12 months tops due to poor shell tolerance.

    King is 3 times the price because they last and work.

    Pay peanuts you get monkeys!

  9. puffy on

    Soundtrack was dumb af; super uninspired Kraftwerk rip-off. really not into this lazy “minimalist” repetitive sampling.


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