Bryton Rider 310, budget GPS cycling computer, on Bryton o-ring mount

Just two weeks ago we introduced you to the two new simple, powerful, and low-cost GPS computers from Bryton, but we have actually been testing out the more advanced Rider 310 since the end of November 2015. The 310 is Bryton’s take on the most simple, budget GPS data collection possible to track your rides, but backed up with enough sensors and communication capability to track more advanced metrics like cadence, heartrate, altitude, and power via Bluetooth and ANT+, 70 in total. (Update: The Brytons do have Bluetooth LE Smart, but only for pairing a mobile phone to share data, not for attaching sensors.) For about a month and a half we’ve put aside a more complex map-based computer to see what we thought of a simpler interface…

Tech Details


The Rider 310 is all about trying to pare down data collection back to the simple experience of cycle computers of old, yet with modern GPS accuracy and connection to external sensors. In doing that, navigation through all of the computer’s functions has been reduced to just three buttons. The left gray button powers the device on/off with a long push, stops or pauses a ride in progress, and acts as a back button while moving though the menus and options. The big central orange button acts as the enter or OK button. It starts recording instantly when the GPS turns on and detects movement, and asks for a confirmation (OK), although it seems that even if you don’t press it the GPS will start recording automatically via its Auto Start/Stop function. The right gray button only serves one purpose to scroll through pages and data fields. It is a down button through menus and a next button from page to page. Because of its single function scrolling through the data field pages while riding is simple and easy.

Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_overview Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_actual-weight-53g

The $100 Rider 310 has a crisp 1.8″ LCD display that was always easy to read, and is available online from Amazon and through KHS dealers. One of the nicest features is that it automatically sets up the data pages based on the sensors connected. So no power meter detected and there will be no blank unused fields. The data fields can be customized (and at times we thought it would have been nice to have done so), but it was so nice to turn the thing on and ride out of the box that we never took the time to dig through those menus. Another huge benefit in the easy setup, was that when buying a kit that includes accessory sensors they are already pre-paired in the box. There was a small set of stickers added on the back of the box showing which sensors had already been paired. Our sample included an ANT+ heartrate monitor and cadence sensor and all we had to do was turn them it on and ride.

The small device has an exceptionally long 36 hour battery life compared to most GPS computers, mainly due to the basic screen and the lack of any mapping function while riding. It also benefits from an auto shut down feature when it isn’t moving. We actually haven’t got it below half battery even after a full week of rides, because whenever we upload files to Strava, we end up leaving it and letting charge back up a bit. At just 53g, but still a good 45x70mm (1.75×2.75″) it feels surprising lightweight. While the weight isn’t usually a big issue for a small device like this, it felt strange at first against similarly sized computers that weight 50% or even twice as much.

Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_ANT+heart-rate-monitor Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_ANT+heart-rate-monitor_resizing

Our Rider included a heartrate strap that was oddly way too big. While it worked for me personally with a 100cm/40″ chest in almost the tightest setting, a smaller female tester couldn’t use it without it slipping down while riding. The strap adjusted from about 75-105cm unstretched, but with about a max of 60% stretch and probably a minimum of 25% to stay in place (giving it a 94-150cm functional range) we had to double it up with some safety pins to get it to stay in place.

Looking at the mount on the back of the Rider 310, it uses a proprietary interface that is close but not the same as Garmin’s 1/4 turn mount. Its tabs are the same configuration as Garmin’s but the center piece is a bit smaller diameter and the tabs are a shade thicker. What that means is that you can use the Bryton device in a Garmin mount, but you can’t use a Garmin in the Bryton mount. That worked well for us, and we tried the Rider 310 in an older all aluminum K-Edge mount (vs. the new ones with replaceable inserts) which fit, but we weren’t very confident that it would damage the Bryton (take a close look at the scrapes on the tabs below left), but we have no such issue with plastic mounts from Raceware Direct or Barfly for example.

The Rider 310 includes one 0-ring stem mount and twists into place very easily. In its own mount it felt a bit like it might jump out, but we’ve taken it through some serious rock gardens on the mountain bike and stutter bumpy roads on a cross bike and haven’t had any issue with it staying in place.

Final Review Thoughts

Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_mounting-back Bryton_Rider-310-budget-GPS-cycling-computer_on-K-Edge-Garmin-mount

At first use the Rider 310 doesn’t feel that movement through the menus and setting is as intuitive as with market leading products from Garmin. Part of that is of course familiarity with a new interface, but also the simplified button configuration. By having only one button to move down through menus (no up), and to some degree the multi-function left button, navigating the non-riding features is a bit of a chore. But also a side effect of having everything auto setup to start, the Rider 310 didn’t require us to spend 20 minutes wading through all of the menus like most new electronics do when you first turn them on. By not doing that setup, we didn’t really take the time to get the feel for its menu navigation and instead started riding right out of the box.

So far, we still have a tendency to push that big orange button to try to start/stop rides (because it is just so enticing), but with automatic start and stop functionality it isn’t necessary. Also since no button is actually labeled as power on/off one of our testers also tries that orange button, instead of the left gray one. Our one pet peeve is probably that it would have been nice if there was some indicator text on the screen that actually said/signaled what each button did in any particular mode. It is (mostly) printed right there on the case, but this is the only place where the intuitive function seems lacking.

What we do miss is even a basic breadcrumb track map display. While the Rider 310 definitely benefits in its simplicity by eliminating mapping (with the resulting excellent battery life), we do sometime like to be able to upload a .gpx file to a device even just to for the ability to follow a squiggly line track when exploring new areas. That clearly is a different use style, but it may have been possible to add to a simple device like this without much compromise.

That said, the actual function of the computer is excellent, and simplicity is its best trait. It is the fastest device we’ve used to acquire a GPS signal here in Europe. It effectively connects instantly. It keeps accurate distance data, comparable to other dedicated GPS devices we use. And its altitude data collection appears more accurate than last basic GPS we’d used (comparing for example with Strava and a mainstay Edge 800. Add in the automatic recording, the fact that it autosaves .fit files when it shuts off, then simply connect it to a computer as an external disk via micro USB cable to upload, and it is hard to argue the performance for the money of the device.


  1. This is a very nice looking unit. I will continue to use my Garmin Edge 200 until it dies, but then I will definitely look into this brand as a replacement. My only question would be, will my generic heart rate sensor strap from my Life Core fitness rowing machine work on this unit? The only thing I dislike is when a product requires a proprietary part over an off the shelf product. I think everyone knows the companies that require replacement proprietary products in the bicycle industry. Happy New Year to all.

  2. This would be great if you could buy one, but since you cant it seems rather pointless… No online retailers no distributors listed and even the contact us link on brytons website doesn’t lead anywhere.

  3. There seems to be contradictory information as to whether thus device supports Bluetooth HR, Speed/Cadence sensors. Their website only states ANT+. Any comments?

  4. Can anyone say how “accurate” a gps comp like this is, compared to say a samsung galaxy or iPhone? I use to know a bit about “sample” rate, but have lost touch with how accurate things are. i.e. smoothing on tight single track makes it appear you went much shorter of a distance since it “smooths”. Do devices like this “smooth” more then phones?

  5. Can this GPS be charged on the go and will doing so cause it to go out of recording mode? And do you still need to connect to the Bryton website before you can upload anything?

  6. Found and ordered the 310T after reading the first review based on the simplicity of use. (I’ve been avoiding the Garmin since day one.) The packaging only said 310, so I had to look carefully at the small sticker on the back to find it indeed was the 310T (with cadence and heartrate). While the user manual was not included, it is available online. Only from the review here did I learn how to power the unit off, unless I missed something in the manual. After the initial charge, the micro plug insert in the unit came completely loose, so It’s dead. Let’s hope their customer service is better than the initial quality.

    • Dear Mr. Jaobson,

      I am so sorry about that.

      May I know where did you purchase this 310T? Could you provide the 16 digits ID# which can be found with a sticker on the back of this unit starts with number ’15’.

      With these information, we can manage to have a replacement for you.

      Again, I apologized for any inconvenience it caused.

      Luke W.
      Sales representative

      • Thanks Luke! I received a replacement soon after my previous post. It’s working fine. Thanks for the responsive customer support.

  7. I bought a rider 40 and loved it. Unfortunately it came with the wrong timezone and soon after began to pause itself in the middle of the ride and sometimes crashing for no apparent reason.
    I’ve contacted bryton and they offered to send a new one if i could pay 15$ for shipping. I though: Well, at least i would have this solved way earlier than if i had to send this one to repair. So i payed and not only i had to pay almost the price of a new one for customs taxes because they didnt properly filled the commercial invoice, as the one they sent me, has the wrong timezone, it was a used one, not new, it pauses itself way more than the first one and it doesbt connect to any sensor at all.

    I tried to contact the brand multiple times as i paid to have warranty and got a even worse device, and never got a answer.

  8. Dear Customer,

    I am so sorry about the situation that you have ran into. I am wondering if you could leave a message with your contact to our support team at:

    Our customer support team will do their best to support you.


    Luke W.
    Sales representative

    • Hi luke,

      Thank you for the answer Luke.

      To be honest, i already sent 4 or 5 emails to that email address, 1 message to your facebook account and even tried to contact spanish distributor. Not a single answer ;S

      Can you help me out?

      Best Regards,

      • Dear Jorge,

        Sorry for my late reply.
        I am more than happy of assistance. Actually I have informed our supporting team right after I left the message here for you and was anticipating your stopping by. May I know on what date you sent the message to ‘’. I could ask our customer supporting team to check it out. Or, if you do not mind to leave you contact information there one more time. I will have them pay more attention on this matter.

        Thank you so much for your patience.

        Have a nice weekend.


  9. Hi there Luke,

    Thank you for everything really, 🙂

    I sent an email a few days ago for that email and they replied me next day. I realized that was walking by a different email (, that was the one that used in all the warranty emails. I hope you guys can help me asap. I’m 4 months without a properly working device :S

    Best regards,

      • Hi there. Actually i think it is you that is answering my mails. I’m the guy who forgot the onedrive link hehe. xD. I sent a new email with it later today. Thank you so much for your help guys. Really, you guys just changed the all idea that i had about the brand customer service. 🙂

  10. Dear Jorge,

    Thank you so much for your patience.
    Let me contact the supporting team later tonight, Will get back to you as soon as I can.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Luke,

      Thank you for all the help but i ask you guys to send the GPS from Europe to avoid situations like the last time that took me 1 month to solve and 50€, when it stopped in the customs house and even that you guys sent me the GPS from taiwan saying it wouldn’t stop in the customs.

      Guess what? It’s stuck in the customs house again, and i won’t pay another 50€ to get it for sure since i deserve free of charge warranty i guess. And it’s getting to 5 months without the GPS.

      Can you please help me once more? I’m getting tired of this situation to be honest.

      Best Regards,

  11. I also have a Bryton RIDER 50 that, lately, has not worked in the best conditions.

    – Do not charge the battery properly, it gives full information, but after starting the turns is below 30% charged.
    – Does not always work in progress, even blocking the menus.
    – Besides having some problems on the image (screen).

    Set all these issues with the store where I purchased it, I was already informed not market this brand and therefore they have no connection / contact with it, since they also had many problems in giving assistance and guarantees.

    I have sent e-mails to addresses 5:

    and to this day no answer to how I proceed to effect an analysis and report me the best solution. Maybe it’s better to put it in the trash and forget this company (BRYTON) …


  12. It is interesting, that you say that the Rider310 can fit into Garmin type mount. I have it since the fall of 2015, and I tried to fit it into different mounts. I can assure everyone, that it only fits in Bryton’s own mount! There is no way to cross fit them (no Garmin into Bryton, no Bryton into Garmin). With the old Bryton Rider versions, like 20, 21, 40, maybe 50 or 60 it can happen, as for them Bryton “copied” the Garmin mount (still not exactly the same).

    In the long run it seems that Bryton made the right step to redesign the mount system. It is more sturdy and thicker than the Garmin version. (one of my colleague broke two Garmin 1000 back panel during ordinary roadbiking in the last 1 year!)

  13. USB port broke off the unit after 4 months, rendering it totally useless (can’t charge it and can’t upload data . Warranty service inquiries are not being answered (they can only be reached by email, no delivery notification or read receipt is possible and no phone number to call.).

  14. I have a rider 100 with a broken usb after less than 2 months. Has anyone found a way to get in touch with them? Emailed Friday and again today with no response yet.

  15. Can it store multiple bikes like my Gamin 510? I have several bikes that I ride and like that I have all of them on the Garmin

    • Did you find out if it supports more than one bike? I would like to use it for two and it keep up with their odometer reading.

  16. Andy/Ivan – did you get a response to your e-mails yet? My 310’s USB port also failed (after 2 months in my case) – I sent a warranty inquiry to their support e-mail yesterday – we’ll see if they respond (if not, I guess I’ll go back to the seller and see if they can assist).

    A shame this device has this problem, as it was working out great for me otherwise – I haven’t found anything with a comparable battery life, especially with a barometric altimeter…

    • No response to my emails yet. I’ll send it again. Unfortunately amazon wont take back since its been more than 30 days since I purchased.

      Luke? can you help us out???

      • Sent email to Bryton Support again right after my post and had a reply within a couple hours:

        sent email to:,,,

        reply from:


        We are sorry for the late response. For some reason this email has been traveling to our US support email server till today.

        May we have the information including the order number and the seller name so that we know how to proceed the service for you.

        Thank you,
        Bryton Support (USA)

        Sent info requested and the amazon seller contacted me with their address to ship my device to:

        Dear Customer,

        We were informed that you have a defective Rider 100 would need to be replaced.

        Please ship the defective unit back to us. As soon as it is received and identified the issue
        that we will manage to ship the replacement for you.

  17. Have my Bryton on the way. Quite excited.
    On reviewing this thread I am reminded that only those with problems list their issues. What percentage of the world users this represent, I do not know. I suppose Garmin in its infancy, despite being a corporate giant, had its share too. Isn’t it nice having a Luke Wang available as an ombudsman in our behalf. In time I’m sure the bureaucracy delaying mailing responsiveness will be corrected

  18. You shouldn’t be excited I purchased a Cardio 40 & Ride 100 both have caused problems due to failures.Tired to do resets etc nothing works. I have emailed Bryton on several occasions with absolutely no response. If you read their facebook page you will see lots of coments re problems & no communication. We shouldn’t have to rely on the Luke Wangs of this world to get service’

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